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Aikido of Santa Cruz Summer Retreat

5 inspiring days of training and joyful community
at the 26th Annual Santa Cruz Aikido Summer Retreat!

Co-taught by Senior Retreat Instructors:
Mary Heiny Sensei, 7th Dan (Seattle, WA)
Linda Holiday Sensei, 6th Dan (Aikido of Santa Cruz, CA)

with Special Guest Instructors:
Kayla Feder Sensei, 6th dan (Aikido of Berkeley, CA)
Michael Friedl Sensei, 7th dan (Aikido of Ashland, OR)
Richard Strozzi-Heckler Sensei, 7th dan (Two Rock Aikido, CA)
Jack Wada Sensei, 7th dan (Aikido of San Jose, CA)

Our theme for the 2019 Summer Retreat is one of O-Sensei's fundamental teachings:
"INRYOKU -- Cultivating the Power of Attraction"

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Daily immersion in Aikido catalyzes deep learning and strengthens a sense of community with others sharing the experience. Training begins at 7:00 am (7:00 pm on Wednesday) and continues throughout each day. There is also comfortable seating for observing classes.

Features of this year’s Retreat include:

- Special classes for newer students and for black belts.
- An Instructors Class, taught by Linda Holiday Sensei.
- A special class for 4th dan and above, taught by Mary Heiny Sensei.
- Aikido Weapons practice.
- The invigorating Misogi Purification Practice at the beach on Sunday morning.
- A party with music & dance at Aikido of Santa Cruz Saturday night!

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The intention of the Santa Cruz Retreat is to be a full five-day Aikido intensive, which enables the transformative “magic” of the Retreat to build from start to finish. As such, there are just two options for participation: all five days (=Wednesday night through Sunday noon), or, for those who need it, a three-day option (=Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Please note: there are no single-class or single-day attendance options! (See details in the "Options, Registration & Payment" page.) We invite you to invest this uninterrupted time in your Aikido practice.

The Santa Cruz Aikido Summer Retreat generates a training atmosphere of sincerity and mutual respect. We are committed to equal opportunity for Aikidoists of any gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation or rank. We aim to integrate body, mind and spirit in the practice of Aikido, inspired by the teachings of the founder, Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei.

“True budo is the cultivation of the power of attraction with which to draw the whole opponent to you. All I have to do is keep standing this way.” --O-Sensei

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