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'Imagine No Waste' Inconsistent with Some City Recycling Guidelines

Post Date:01/13/2018 9:30 AM

January 13, 2018

"Imagine No Waste," a special advertising supplement published by the County of Santa Cruz,  was recently inserted in the Good Times and Santa Cruz Sentinel. The general information it contains is great, but the Recycling A to Z guide within this publication is intended for the unincorporated County of Santa Cruz and Green Waste Recovery customers. The guidelines for City of Santa Cruz curbside recycling are different for some items as follows:

  1. B for Batteries: Please do not place batteries in or on top of City of Santa Cruz  curbside bins.  Instead, please recycle them at any Santa Cruz Library branch, Louden Nelson Community Center or City Hall (in the Locust Street parking lot trash enclosure).
  2. G for Glass: Place only glass bottles and jars in City of Santa Cruz  curbside bins.
  3. O for Oil: City  of Santa Cruz refuse customers should call customer service at 420-5220 (not Green Waste Recovery) for special jugs to recycle motor oil curbside.
  4. W is for Wax Cartons:  The City of Santa Cruz  does not accept cartons.  Their mixed material nature makes them difficult to recycle, with no market in California.  Please place cartons in the trash.
  5. X is for X-mas Lights: Do not place strings of lights in City of Santa Cruz recycling bins.  These are major tanglers and can damage recycling equipment.  Instead, deliver lights to the Resource Recovery Facility as e-waste.
  6. Y is for Yard Waste: City of Santa Cruz Greencycle carts are for yard waste only.  Food waste and soil are not allowed in the Greencycle carts.  The City's state of California permit does not allow mixing food scraps in the residential Greencycle program.

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