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New Documents Available: 111 Errett Circle

Project Website Updated

Post Date:01/23/2020 3:56 PM

New documents have been added to the  111 Errett Circle project page, most recently an updated Historic Evaluation. 

The updated Historic Evaluation for the 111 Errett Circle property has been added to the project webpage.  In recent discussions with the HPC Chair, a concern was expressed that the local criteria was not fully explained and simply referenced the state criteria which are very similar.  Page and Turnbull, the preparers of the DPR 523 (Historic Evaluation), have revised the report elaborating on the local Historic Building Survey criteria in the evaluation section. Other minimal edits include:

  • Corrected the date range of construction on page 1 of the DPR 523A form (it had erroneously read 1961 and I changed it to 1963)

  • Added today’s date to the header and the pg 9 “date of evaluation” for the DPR 523B forms

  • Made a minor text edit to Criterion B/2 on page 16 to clarify “directly associated with this building” and “church related” activities to align with the wording of Criterion 3 of the local criteria

  • Moved the existing Integrity section up to immediately follow the NRHP/CRHR significance evaluation since Criterion 7 of the local criteria relates to integrity.

Please visit the project page to stay up to date as to the status of the 111 Errett Circle planning application and proposed plans for this site. Additional reports, analysis, and useful tools can also be found on the project page, such as E-notifications which will keep you up to date on the proposed project via email. 

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