Memorial Day Weekend Update | Due to COVID-19 related concerns, Santa Cruz beaches will continue to be closed from 11am - 5pm and Shelter-in-Place orders will be enforced. For more details on our beach closures please visit: Santa Cruz Beach Closures 


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Street Banners for Events

POLICY: To encourage and support cultural and community events, the City Parks and Recreation Department will maintain a program that coordinates the installation and removal of banners on selected City-owned utility poles. General program policies are:


Program Use: Use of this program will be limited to announcements of activities and events held within the City or County of Santa Cruz, with priority given to activities within the City when conflicts occur. Both non-profit and for-profit organizations may use this program, but for-profit use is limited to events or activities that are of a cultural, historical or community nature. Banners may not be used for political or commercial purposes (i.e., to advertise products or services).