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City Hall to YOU

A series of neighborhood forums to enhance community connectedness and government transparency.

In 2016 we successfully launched the City Hall to YOU event series designed to strengthen community connectedness by providing opportunity for citizens to interact with City leaders and staff on topics specific to their neighborhood.     

city hall to youPlanning booth

Four forums throughout the year focused on one City quadrant at a time at venues located in the neighborhood of focus: EastsideDowntown/Beach Area/Harvey WestWestside; and Ocean Street/Upper Eastside. The meetings included an open house segment with dozens of City booths and a town hall program led by then-Vice Mayor Cynthia Chase.

In 2017 we hosted two such events: City Hall to YOU focused on all neighborhoods west of the San Lorenzo River in May and City Hall to YOU: East of the River in November. 

As there is never enough time to answer all the town hall questions submitted by attendees, we follow up with individuals by phone and email. At the Nov. 15, 2017  event, a resident suggested that we share the additional questions and answers online. These questions and answers are now posted here.