City Council Candidate - Cynthia Chase



Program Director/Teacher  Age: 37 

I’m honored to call Santa Cruz my home. This is the community where I obtained an excellent education, established my career, and have led a highly successful program to rebuild lives. Now I’m ready to give back by serving as a member of the City Council – making a difference in our neighborhoods and creating a bright future for our community.

My life experience has given me a strong commitment to public service, including:

•  Director of Gemma, an acclaimed local program for treatment, rehabilitation and re-entry following incarceration. My leadership has resulted in major reductions in recidivism, and Gemma is recognized as an effective program that increases public safety and improves lives.

•  Seven years public safety experience with County Probation

•  Faculty, graduate Social Work programs at San Jose State and CSUMB

•  Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Commissioner. As a commissioner, I understand the importance of ensuring that our City parks are safe, our open spaces are protected, and our families have access to positive affordable programs.

• Together For Youth board member; Queer Youth Task Force. County-wide initiatives like these demonstrate the value of partnerships among private, non-profit and public sectors, working for a healthy, inclusive community. 

We have great strengths and resources here in Santa Cruz: a breathtaking natural environment, wonderful creativity, a strong sense of community, and the belief that our efforts can make a difference. I’m committed to connecting with neighborhoods, locally-owned businesses, schools and community groups, working together to make this a community we can all feel proud of.

Economic recovery is gaining momentum, but we continue to face serious, complex issues: public safety, housing, investing in infrastructure, long-term sustainability, and promoting economic vitality amid rapidly changing conditions. As a local non-profit leader, every day I apply the following philosophy: help people learn to live within their means and take personal responsibility, value what you have, share resources and commit to positively impacting our community. I’m seeking your vote so I can bring this same philosophy to the City Council.

Based on my work here in Santa Cruz, I’ve received endorsements from a wide variety of community members including local business leaders and professionals, public safety personnel, environmental and education leaders, union members, neighborhood advocates, arts and cultural leaders, healthcare and human service providers, and elected officials.

I hope to have your support as well; I would appreciate your vote.

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Filed Election Papers: Thursday, August 7, 2014

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