Bicycle License


A bicycle license is required for bicycles operated on any public street or sidewalk, or upon any public path set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles (Municipal Code 10.68.110). The laws regulating bicycles have a dual purpose, anti theft and safety. By registration of the bicycle serial number and the issuance of a license emblem, positive identification of ownership is enhanced. This alone acts as a deterrence to theft. When a theft does occur, apprehension and conviction of the responsible person is considerably enhanced. Also licensed bicycles are quickly returned to the rightful owner as determined by licensing records. 


The licensing requirement can be met by registering through one of the City’s outlets or by meeting licensing provisions of another public agency. Please note that due to the nature of operations, the fire stations are not always staffed to assist with bicycle licensing. It is advised that you bring your bicycle with you when obtaining a license. You will need various data from the bike such as serial number, wheel size, frame size, etc. The license will include a registration emblem and a renewal emblem, both must be adhered in a visible location on the bike frame. The license is good for up to three years.


As of October 13, 2012 there is no fee for a bike license.


City Bicycle Licensing Outlets:


City of Santa Cruz, Finance Department

Revenue Division

809 Center St Room 101

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 420-5070

9-5pm Mon-Fri


Santa Cruz Fire Department:
Station phone numbers are private.  So you will not be able to call ahead,
you will need to just stop by. 

City of Santa Cruz Fire Station #1

711 Center Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95060


City of Santa Cruz Fire Station #2

1103 Soquel Avenue

Santa Cruz, CA 95062


City of Santa Cruz Fire Station #3

335 Younglove Avenue

Santa Cruz, CA 95060