Fire Training Division


Vision Training Tower
Training is the most important asset to an effective Fire Department. Our vision is to provide training that enhances our performance that our customers value most and to become renowned and emulated by the Fire Service nationwide.

The mission of the Santa Cruz Fire Department Training Division is to provide the development of our personnel to the highest level of performance with safety and efficiency that all members realize their greatest potential with high standards, skills and integrity, through continually evolving technology and principles in meeting the challenges of the community we serve.

• To train and educate its members to develop skills and enhance performance from the day they are hired to the day they retire
• To develop and maintain company, shift and department performance
• To internally coordinate and develop certification programs for all personnel development
• To attempt to satisfy all Federal, State and locally mandated training requirements that support the vision of the Santa Cruz Fire Department
• To maintain accurate records of personnel to comply with reporting requirements
• To promote safety in all aspects of department training
• To assist in the coordination and delivery of training to other City departments
• To provide each individual with career development opportunities

The Fire Training Division accomplishes this through an annual training calendar and in the current development of a 5-year plan. Support to the Fire Training Division comes from the talents of personnel who are committed to ensuring a safe and effectively trained firefighting force.