Mission & Values



Santa Cruz Fire Department will be: 
» The service our customers value most 
» Renowned and emulated by the Fire Service nationwide

We regard everyone as a customer; our Mission is to serve them with Excellence through
ever-increasing Innovation, Proficiency, and Safety

We value these attributes and presume our members exemplify them:

» Trustworthiness                               » Ethical Behavior
» Kindness » Respectfulness
» Candor » Resilience
» Self-Discipline » Responsibility

For All members: 
» Protect people’s well-being                             » Be physical fit
» Help each other succeed » Be a problem solver
» Be courteous » Keep commitments and agreements
» Strive for excellence » Be a bold decision maker
» Communicate constructively & truthfully » Carry out decisions in a positive manner
» Care for our equipment and property » Exemplify followership
» Work all scheduled hours » Seek creative improvements in our service
» Maintain proficiency in your job » Take full responsibility for your actions

All Officers are further expected to:

» Lead effectively, manage when needed            » Be strong incident commanders
» Be mentors and trainers » Empower members
» Recognize good performance » Participate and strive for consensus
» Support organizational decisions » Be involved in the Community
» Review incidents with personnel » Commit to continual improvement

» We are professionals 
» People trust us to serve them 
» We are always on stage 
» We make our actions applaudable

Daily Priorities 
» Respond professionally to calls for help 
» Train and educate 
» Maintain excellent physical fitness and equipment readiness 
» Provide unexpected service 
» Communicate effectively at all times

Risk Management Statement 
» As members of Santa Cruz Fire Department, we respond to emergencies believing we
can make a bad situation better 
» If called for, we will risk our lives to save people in harm’s way 
» With calculated consideration, we will endanger ourselves to protect savable property 
» We will not risk our lives to protect life and/or property which is manifestly lost