Certified Green Businesses

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Green Businesses Listings in City of Santa Cruz

These Certified Green Businesses in the City of Santa Cruz have voluntarily gone above and beyond regulatory requirements to prevent pollution and conserve resources by: reducing water consumption; retrofitting lights and other equipment to conserve energy; reducing solid waste going to landfill by minimizing waste and recycling; and, implementing practices that reduce pollution and protect worker safety.

For a complete listing of Green Businesses in the Monterey Bay Area and information on how to become a certified Green Business, please visit Monterey Bay Green Business Program.

City of Santa Cruz Green Business Coordinator                                                                                            Shawn Orgel-Olson  831 420-5592   Email                                                                                                                       

Green Business Categories in the City of Santa Cruz:

Auto Body & Repair Shops 

    Construction Design and Contractors
Consultants     Education & Training
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate     Health & Wellness Services
Home & Building Repair and Maintenance     Landscape Architects and Landscapers
Laundromats     Non-profit Organizations and Associations
Industry and Manufacturing     Law Offices
Media, Design and Computer Services     Printers
Public Facilities and Venues 

    Retail Shops

Restaurants, Caterers and Grocery Stores     Salons and Spas

Suppliers and Distributors

    Tours and Visitor Accommodations


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 Green Auto Body and Repair Shops

 Green Construction Design and Contractors

Green Consultants

Green Education and Training

Green Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Offices

Green Health and Wellness Services

Green Home and Building Repair and Maintenance

Green Landscape Architects and Landscapers

Green Non-Profit Organizations and Associations

Green Industry and Manufacturing

Green Media, Design, Computer Services and Communication

Green Printers

Green Public Facilities

Green Retail Shops

Green Restaurants/Grocery

Green Suppliers & Distributors

Green Salons and Spas

Green Tours and Visitor Accommodations

Green Transportation

For more information please contact:
Green Business Coordinator Shawn Orgel-Olson