David Lane

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Dave Lane 

Retired Auditor                                                                Age: 55

 The biggest difference between me and the other candidates is that my basic philosophy is that we do not need to pass new laws and regulations unless specific problems are identified that need to be corrected.  In that case the laws and regulations need to written as narrowly as possible to not have unintended negative impact on others.  I was recently attacked in downtown Santa Cruz by a man trying to steal my cell phone.  I asked a passerby to call the police as I getting beaten up, but no one did.  One of my priorities will be to make Pacific Ave safer for all.

I have lived in Santa Cruz full time since I obtained my MBA degree from Fresno State in 1992.  I spent my summers in Santa Cruz my whole life in a cottage my great grandfather bought in the 1950’s.  My wife and I build our own home on this lot in 1999.  My son was born in 2002,

I am retired from my most recent job as an internal auditor at UCSC for 18 years.  This experience will allow me to help assure the city exercises sound financial management and employs efficient operations with good controls.  My specialties included

  • Very quick study – new audits every 2-3 month.
  • Processes redesign to improve efficiency while controls are maintained.
  • Identify fraud and waste.
  • Coordinate activities with diverse groups of people at all levels of the organization
  • Certified computer system auditor

There are many complex issues facing the city.  I can promise you I will study these issues and do all I can to find a solution that benefits the most people and does the most good for the city.  I will be happy to discuss any issues with all constituents to assure all view points and ideas are included and will not rush to judgement.