General Plan 2030 Update

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Planning for Our Future – Maintaining Santa Cruz’s Excellence

How does a City plan for the future? What values drive the City planning process? How do we ensure that the City we know and love continues into the future? The draft General Plan 2030 answers all of these important questions and more!

Prepared over a period of several years by City staff and a consultant team, the City of Santa Cruz draft General Plan 2030 is a comprehensive, long-range, and internally consistent statement of the City’s development and preservation policies. It sums up the City’s philosophy of growth and preservation, highlights what is important to the community, and prescribes where different kinds of development should go. It is a city’s primary tool for directing and managing growth and conservation. A general plan consists of text with goals, policies and actions and a map that graphically shows the plan’s development and conservation policies.

To guide the process, the City Council formed a 17-member General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) made up of all seven Planning Commissioners; one representative from each of the following City commissions: Arts, Historic Preservation, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Transportation, and Water; three members of the general public; and a non-voting representative from UCSC. A number of public workshops were conducted during this time. A vision for the future quality of life in the community and a set of principles to guide the development of the draft General Plan 2030 were created by the GPAC and accepted by the City Council in 2006. A copy of the draft General Plan 2030 can be found at The Planning Commission and City Council also reviewed the draft GPAC-recommended goals and policies at numerous meetings throughout 2008.

As for next steps, a Draft Environmental Impact Report was prepared for the draft General Plan 2030 and is in a 60-day public review and comment period that will end on November 14, 2011.

Public hearings before the Planning Commission on the draft General Plan 2030 and the Final Environmental Impact Report are expected to begin in February 2012 with eventual recommendations appearing before the City Council. We encourage you to read the draft General Plan 2030 and get involved this spring!

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