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Financial Assistance

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The Housing & Community Development Division and partner agencies administer a number of programs designed to make housing more affordable for City of Santa Cruz residents. Below you'll find information about the following programs.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Fee Waiver:

Various types of City permit fees (see Exhibit “A” attached) may be waived In exchange for a property owner’s agreement to restrict a new accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for rent to a low or very-low income household. More fees are waived in exchange for an agreement to rent to very-low income households as opposed to low income households. Learn more about the ADU fee waiver program.

Rent Subsidy & Security Deposit Program: 

The Rent Subsidy Program and Security Deposit Program are administered by the Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County. Low income tenants are eligible for assistance with required rental deposits and monthly rents. In the case of rent subsidy, tenants pay a certain percentage of their income towards rent and the program provides the difference up to a maximum allowable amount. The security deposit program assists tenants with the deposit required at initial occupancy. For assistance with these programs please contact the Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County.

Unified Housing Rehabilitation Program (UHRP):

The Unified Housing Rehabilitation Program (UHRP) provides financial and technical assistance to correct health and safety defects in owner-occupied and rental properties. Eligible work includes repairs to electrical and plumbing systems, seismic upgrades to foundations, interior and exterior paint, and replacement of roof shingles. Currently on hold

First Time Homebuyer Program (FTH):

The Program Manual has been recently updated. Stay tuned for more information. 

For additional information please contact the Housing and Community Development Division by email or telephone at the numbers shown below: