FY 2020 Proposed Budget by Section

Budget Cover
Table of Contents
Title page & City Council
GFOA Budget Award
Map of the City
City Organization Chart
Administrative Staff and Board, Commission & Committee Chairpersons
Guide to the Document

Budget Dashboard  
Cover & Overview
City Managers Message
Budget in Brief
Community Profile
City Introduction
Primary General Fund Budget & General Revenues
Debt Service Obligations and Pension Obligations 
City Council Goals & Priorities (2015)
Personnel Profile Overview

Department Summaries
City Attorney
City Council 
City Manager
Economic Development
Human Resources 
Information Technology
Library (City)
Parks & Recreation
Planning & Community Development
Public Works 

Capital Outlay

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) FY 2019-2021

Capital Improvement Program (CIP) FY 2019-2021 (one PDF file)

CIP - Cover & Guide to the CIP Proposed Budget, Climate Action Plan, Unfunded Projects, and Maps

CIP by Department
CIP - Fire
CIP - Parks and Recreation
CIP - Public Works
CIP - Economic Development and RDA Successor Agency
CIP - Water
CIP - Citywide

Financial Summaries
Cover & Overview
Summary of Projected Revenues and Other Financing Sources
Summary of Projected Expenditures and Other Financing Uses
Summary of Transfers
General Fund - Revenues and Other Financing Sources
General Fund - Operating Expenditures by Department
Estimated Fund Balance Projections

Index Section  
Cover and Overview
Personnel Authorization
Legal Debt Limit  
Budgetary Policy
Debt Management Policy  
General Fund Reserve Policy
Budget Adjustments Policy  
City Charter (Budget sections 1402, 1410-1412)
Council Policy section 12 - Finance & Accounting  
Grants Policy
Donations & Contributions Policy