Rule 6: Probation

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Rule 6: Probationary Period

6.1: Probation
6.2: Employees Subject to a Memorandum of Understanding

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6.1: Probation

  1. Probationary Period. All original and promotional appointments in the classified service shall be subject to a probationary period of at least six months. Any time spent by an employee on unpaid status shall not be counted as qualifying service toward completion of the probationary period.

  2. Objective of Probationary Period. The probationary period shall be regarded as part of the selection process and shall be utilized for training the new employee on work assignments and standards, and observing and evaluating the employee's performance.

  3. Rejection of Probationary Employee. During the probationary period, an employee may be rejected at any time by the appointing authority without the right of appeal or hearing. Notification of rejection shall be served to the probationary employee in writing.

    Any promoted employee who is rejected during the probationary period shall be reinstated to the position from which the promotion occurred; unless the rejection is due to discharge for cause in which case no reinstatement shall occur.

  4. Extension of Probation. All efforts will be made to sufficiently evaluate the probationary employee during the assigned period. An extension of the probationary period may, however, be recommended by the appointing authority and approved by the Human Resources Director when cause exists. Such extensions shall be for a specific period of time not to exceed three (3) months.

6.2: Employees Subject to a Memorandum of Understanding
All employees subject to a memorandum of understanding shall serve a probationary period in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

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