Rule 7: Demotion/Reappointment

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Rule 7: Demotion and Reappointment

7.1: Demotion
7.2: Reappointment

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7.1: Demotion
Upon request of the employee, and with the consent of the appointing authority, demotion may be made to a vacant position. No employee shall be demoted to a position for which that employee does not possess the minimum qualifications. Disciplinary demotion action shall be in accordance with Rule 8.

7.2: Reappointment
Reappointment after termination shall be considered as new employment. Reappointments may only be made upon request and approval of the appointing authority if the individual has:

  1. been terminated less than twelve (12) months; and

  2. left City service in good standing and has the approval of the Director of Personnel.

Reappointments may be made to any classification in which the individual previously served that has the same or lower maximum rate of pay than the classification the individual left. Upon reappointment, the employee shall be subject to the probationary period prescribed for the class.

June 2002