Rule 9: Layoff

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Rule 9: Layoff Policy and Procedure

9.1:Employees Subject to a Memorandum of Understanding
9.2:Other Classified Employee

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9.1:Employees Subject to a Memorandum of Understanding
All employees covered by a memorandum of understanding shall be subject to the layoff policy and procedures contained in that agreement.

9.2:Other Classified Employees
All other classified employees shall be subject to the layoff policy and procedure provided in this section.

  1. Lay-offs. The City reserves the right to reduce its workforce by laying off employees for reasons of economy or changes in departmental operations. When one or more employees assigned to the same classification within a department are to be laid off, the order of lay-off shall be as follows:

    1. Temporary

    2. Probationary

    3. Regular

    The order of lay-offs shall be governed by seniority in service from the date of hire in a classified position.

  2. Notification. Employees to be laid off shall be given not less than fifteen (15) working days written notice prior to the reduction in force.

  3. Reinstatement. Should the position from which an employee was laid off be re-established within 18 months,thereby increasing the workforce in that division, the employee shall be eligible for reinstatement. It shall be the employee's responsibility to notify the Human Resources Department of his/her current address. Every effort shall bemade to notify the affected individual of any reinstatement opportunity. Reinstatement shall be in the reverse order of lay-off.

June 2002