Memorial Day Weekend Update | Due to COVID-19 related concerns, Santa Cruz beaches will continue to be closed from 11am - 5pm and Shelter-in-Place orders will be enforced. For more details on our beach closures please visit: Santa Cruz Beach Closures 


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Partial and complete facility closures are in place.

Community members are encouraged to use these areas for walking, jogging, and other activities, but not to congregate. Remember to follow safe social distancing guidelines. If an area is too crowded, consider visiting at a different time or visiting another location. 

Be advised that due to reduced staffing levels, shared park amenities are not being regularly cleaned or sanitized. To help safeguard our community, please observe CDC guidance on stopping the spread of germs and review the Parks & Recreation COVID-19 page to keep up to date with our errors to flatten the curve.

See the comprehensive list of Parks & Recreation system status and availability.

The following facilities will be closed until further notice in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19:

  • Beach Flats Community Center
  • Civic Auditorium
  • Depot Park
    • Freight Building
    • Scott Kennedy Fields
  • Harvey West Clubhouse/Scouthouse
  • Harvey West Pool
  • Louden Nelson Community Center
  • Market Street Theater/Senior Center Opportunities (SCO)
  • Mike Fox Park
    • Basketball Courts
  • Surfing Museum

*Signage has been posted at affected facilities.

The following facilities will be open and respecting the Shelter in Place order for Social Distancing Requirements as defined in Section 10 and limits non-essential travel and visitors are advised that there is no essential travel that requires crossing county lines for recreational purposes per Santa Cruz County Health:

  • Santa Cruz Wharf:
    • Wharf parking will be limited by spaces and time. There will be 20 minute parking in front of the businesses that are open for to go orders and curbside pickup. All other parking is not permitted.

    • Please wear a face covering while supporting our local businesses’ curbside and to go ordering options. It’s recommend to call ahead or order online!

    • Foot traffic including walking and exercising is permitted with social distancing standards as well as bicycling.

    •  Fishing is also permitted with social distancing standards but fisherman need to walk, bike or be dropped off. 

    •  Beach Street restrooms remain open and the restroom at the end of the Wharf is open for public use.

  • Delaveaga Golf Course: visit for details

  • Skate Parks: City of Santa Cruz skate parks are open for active recreation. Visit for updated information.

  • Disc Golf Course: The DeLaveaga Disc Golf course is open with restrictions. Visit for updated information.