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Customer Survey: Planning & Community Development

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We are eager to hear from you regarding your experience with us and how we might be able to improve our services for you. This survey is set up by  division meaning you will answer questions based on who helped you.Look out for help bubbles,  which are shown by hovering over question marks as they provide helpful information.

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Please select all applicable divisions that you interacted with.

    Which Division Did I Work with?

    Long Range/Future Planning 

    Long Range Planning is responsible for rule setting, such as making changes to the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance that determine where, how, and what is developed in our community. They maintain and draft new rules related to density ranges for new construction, allowable uses, building setbacks, heights, parking, and various other standards. Some examples of Long Range Planning work include modifications to requirements related to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), cannabis uses, short term rental uses, and the Corridor Rezonings. The Current Planning Division reviews proposed projects for conformance with the applicable standards that the Long Range/Future Planning Division helps draft and maintain.

    Current Planning

    The Current Planning Division reviews planning applications for new uses/development and provides zoning clearances for new businesses or home occupations. If you inquire about a specific project currently under review by the City that has not yet started construction, you will likely speak with the Current Planning Division. The Current Planning Division reviews applications for new construction or certain new uses to confirm the proposed changes meet applicable setbacks, heights, densities, and use standards that the Long Range/Future Planning Division helps draft and maintain.

    Building and Safety: Plan Review and Inspections

    The Building and Safety Division reviews construction plans for conformance with applicable State and local laws related to structural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical (for example, heating/air conditioning), and green building standards.
    The Building and Safety Division includes both plan review and inspection. Building Inspections includes regular visits by staff at construction sites to make sure construction meets applicable health and safety standards.

    Code Compliance

    Code Compliance responds to complaints related to code violations found on a property. Reports of code violations come to the Code Enforcement Division, and they investigate the complaints, review applicable regulations, and work with the public to help correct any violations. Common issues the Code Compliance team addresses include property maintenance issued and illegal uses of a building.

    Rental Services

    Rental Inspection Services ensure life safety and habitability standards by inspecting short-term and long-term rental units. This division has annual billing associated with the rental units to support the services, and they allow self-inspections of rental properties under certain circumstances.