JANUARY 21, 2019

MARCH FOR THE DREAM: Justice-Equality-Love

 Welcome to the NAACP Santa Cruz County Branch and the Santa Cruz Police Department's 2019 MLK March For the Dream Justice. Equality. Love. 

Honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. means bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to build authentic bonds of human understanding and value. The MLK March in Santa Cruz is more than a march. It is an opportunity to put Dr. King’s words and ideals into practice by inviting others from different ethnicities, religions or backgrounds to walk together and listen to one another.

The community is invited to join the march in honor of Dr. King. After the march, we will convene with speeches and family-friendly activities.

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Route Information and Time

The march will begin at 10:00am in Downtown Santa Cruz starting on Cathcart between Cedar Streets and Pacific Avenue (march route). March starts at Cathcart & Pacific Avenue to Church Street to Civic Auditorium.

Staging begins at 9:00 a.m. on Cathcart between Cedar Street and Pacific Avenue.
March Pacific Avenue to Church Street to Civic Auditorium
Speeches, Family Activities at the Civic Auditorium

Groups and Individuals Sign Up - WALK with Us!

We invite individuals and community groups/clubs/congregations to Walk With Us. RSVP your group name and the estimated number of people online.

 Groups who will march together must submit a participation waiver form to the right of this webpage. Please email your completed form to jblaschke@cityofsantacruz.com or fax (831) 420-5811.



Interested in volunteerVolunteering? We'd love to work with you!

MLK March for the Dream Santa Cruz wouldn't be possible without the amazing group of volunteers that come together to make the day a success. We need people for a wide variety of tasks ranging from greeting guests and directing traffic to staging the march - all individuals, groups, and organizations are welcome to Volunteer.