Neighborhood Policing Teams

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Santa Cruz Police Department created five Neighborhood Policing Teams assigned to zones within the City of Santa Cruz.  The Neighborhood Policing Teams will put more SCPD officers on the streets to increase community policing and activate crime-fighting strategies. SCPD officers are an integral part of their neighborhoods and, in partnership with the community, look to tackle the underlying causes of crime and safety issues and put sustainable solutions in place.


What is the Neighborhood Policing Team (NPT) Plan? 
No two neighborhoods in the City of Santa Cruz are the same. The Neighborhood Policing Teams (NPT) designed to address the distinct needs of each community.  The plan brings together community engagement, crime data, and police services. SCPD wants direct feedback from the community on perceptions of crime and public safety.  These empowered Neighborhood Policing Teams will have specific areas of responsibility and localized decision makers to address and customize public safety strategies.  Teams include a lieutenant and a sergeant with a staff of Police Officers and Community Support Officers charged with implementing unique and ongoing strategies to serve the designated communities.

How were the Neighboring Communities Defined?
SCPD defined the NPT Neighborhoods via police-citizen engagement. Engagement included community meetings, focus groups, survey data, crime analysis and the realities of geographic boundaries.

There are five Neighborhood Policing Teams:  
Neighborhood Policing Teams are focused on your needs. They will have meetings where you can help set the priorities for your community. Meet your local officers in your area.
Upper Westside Communities, Lower Westside Communities, Downtown Communities, Upper Eastside Communities and Lower Eastside Communities

View the map to identify your neighborhood zone and contact your Neighborhood Policing Team.

Need to Contact your Neighborhood Command Watch Lieutenant?

IMPORTANT: If you are reporting a crime in progress  DO NOT USE EMAIL.
For Emergencies call 911 or for a non-emergencies call (831) 471-1131.

Downtown: Lt. Bernie Escalante at or (831) 420-5823

Upper Eastside: Lt. Warren Barry at or (831) 420-5859 

Lower Eastside: Lt. Jose Garcia at or (831) 420-5842 

Upper Westside: Lt. Christian LeMoss at or (831) 420-5857

Lower Westside: Lt. Arnold Vasquez at or (831) 420-5856

The Neighborhood Policing Teams will:
Assist with public education, crime prevention, and neighborhood-specific problems and help with coordination of other city services. 
Seek out and identify issues, and solutions, within their assigned neighborhood. 
Track neighborhood problems and crimes that affect the overall quality of life in your neighborhood. 

If you have a crime to report, call the non-emergency dispatch line 831-471-1131. In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1.