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Save yourself a trip to the Police Station to pick up important forms. All forms are in Adobe PDF format.
Most forms have been setup for you to fill in your information online, then print and mail or fax to Police department.

Name of Form Purpose
Special Permits

Special Events are handled by the City Manager's Office.

Non-Commercial Special Event Forms If you are setting up any type of display, planning a protest or demonstration or if you are planning to march on public property, you must complete this application and submit to the Special Events coordinator. There is no fee associated with this permit. Please call 831-420-5132 if you have questions regarding the process.
Filming Permits If you are filming on public property in the City of Santa Cruz (including still photography) for commercial purposes, you must have a permit to do so. No fee for this permit but an insurance certificate is required. Please call 831-420-5132 if you have questions regarding the process.
Check Recovery Victims of non sufficient fund and closed account checks in amounts up to $1,500 may file a complaint with the Check Restitution Recovery Program to obtain recovery of the funds.  If it is determined that the check is forged, it will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency. If a check is over the amount of $1,500, the writer may not be offered diversion and the matter will be investigated for criminal charges.  Please call the District Attorney's office at 831-454-2233 if you have any questions regarding this process.
Trespass Letter Trespass Letter – A property owner can fill out a trespass letter, which permits Law Enforcement to arrest anyone unlawfully on their property. The trespass letter is valid for one year and must be renewed if so desired.
No Trespass Sign No Trespass sign - for property or business owners.   
Request for Storage Hearing A Post Storage Hearing is to determine if the tow was legal. There is a $156 charge for the Hearing.
Instructions for Post Storage Hearing
Instructions for Post Storage Hearing.
Application for Alarm Registration If a Santa Cruz citizen installs a security system in their private residence/business, an application must be filled out. Fee for a new registration is $41.  Fee for a renewal is $29.
Fee Schedule
All fees established by the Santa Cruz City Council
Bingo Permit
 Application for Bingo Permit
Card Room Permit Application Card Room Permit Application.

Entertainment Permit Info

Incidental Permit

Entertainment Permit

Entertainment permit application, renewal and incidental application

Taxicab Driver’s Permit

Application with Instructions

Application for Taxicab Driver's Permit.
Sound Amplification Permit Application
English or Spanish
If you’re having a party with amplified music, you need a permit. See fee schedule.
Application for Permit to Practice Metaphysical Sciences Application for permit to practice Metaphysical Sciences.  
Letter of Recommendation for One-Day Liquor Permit Letter of Recommendation for One-Day Liquor Permit.
Permission to Remove Property from Police Custody

If your personal property was collected by the police department and you are having someone else pick up your property for you.

Permission to Remove Property from Impound/Stored Vehicle If your car got impounded and you cannot afford to get it out of impound just yet, but need your property from inside the vehicle.
Authorization to Release Vehicle A form needed to release an impounded vehicle to a person other than the registered owner of the vehicle. This form must be notarized.

Citizen Comment Form

Citizen Comment Form-Spanish

Comment on Police Services that you have received.
Ride-Along Form Schedule a Ride-Along with the department.

Rotation Tow Application


Tow Operator/Driver Information Form


Rotation Tow Listing Application and Tow Operator/Driver Information form.


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