GreenCycle! Curbside

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City residential refuse customers are provided with a 68-gallon cart for deposit of yard trimmings, grass clippings and other organics. GreenCycle! helps prolong the life of the landfill and keeps valuable organic material from being thrown away. Don't waste your greens!

How to Use YourGreenCycle! Cart
Your participation in this exciting program will save resources, save landfill space, and could save you money! Here are guidelines for what may and may not go into your GreenCycle! cart. Please do not pack material in the cart—we cannot empty it. The green lid must be able to close at all times. Place your GreenCycle! cart at the curb only when more than half-full.


Green CheckGreenCycle! accepts only the following material:

  • Leaves and pine needles
  • Plants, brush, and grass clippings
  • Prunings and branches (less than 2 feet long and 6 inch diameter)
  • Unpainted/untreated lumber (nails and hinges okay)
  • Untreated wood chips, bark 
  • Sawdust (must be placed in paperbags)
  • Holiday trees & garlands (cut to size)

No SymbolTo better serve you do not place these materials in the cart:

  • No plastic bags of any kind
  • No garbage or hazardous materials
  • No fruit, vegetables or food waste
  • No dirt, rock, concrete or bricks
  • No glass or plastics
  • No pitch canker diseased trimmings
  • No painted or treated wood
  • No flowerpots
  • No animal waste
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Place your recycling, refuse and GreenCycle!  carts at the curb by 5:00 a.m.!

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For more assistance on how to use your GreenCycle! cart contact:
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