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The mission of the Street Smarts public education campaign is to reduce

 the number of traffic-related crashes and injuries in the City of Santa Cruz.

Street Smarts is a traffic safety public education campaign which launched in August 2017. The citywide campaign is modeled after the successful program produced by the City of San Jose and rolled out in various Northern California communities.

Street Smarts' mission is to reduce the number of traffic-related crashes and injuries in the City of Santa Cruz. The campaign is designed for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, and intends to improve the behavior of all three groups.

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This second year of the Street Smarts campaign  is made possible in part with contributions from nine financial and four media sponsors listed at the bottom of this page. Their contributions are helping Street Smarts towards the year 2 goal of changing and improving our community's traffic safety attitudes. Our prime strategy to meet this objective is repetition of traffic safety media messages: Street Smarts' public service announcements  can be viewed  on Comcast and social media, heard on KAZU, KSCO and KZSC radio stations, read in print publications and online. Our messages are also visible on street poles, in front of schools, on City vehicles and yard signs.

Street Smarts outreach efforts in Santa Cruz City Schools continue in year 2 through collaboration with Ecology Action's Bike Smart/Walk Smart programs and middle school traffic safety assemblies.

Safety Tip of the Week / Consejo de Seguridad de la Semana

Follow the link above for a weekly traffic safety tip. View our 10 traffic safety videos at the links below.

Safety Videos / Videos de Seguridad

Slow Down. Save Your Speed for the Game

Baje la velocidad. Guarde su velocidad para cuando juegue baloncesto. 

Yield: Every Corner Is a Legal Crosswalk

Ceda el Paso: Toda esquina es por ley un paso de peatones

Stopping is part of driving

Hacer alto es parte de manejar

Walk Smart: Don't Cross Midblock

Camine con cuidado. No cruce a la mitad de la calle

Exercise Caution: Spandex Isn't Armor (Cyclists)

La lycra no es armadura. Tenga cuidado  (Ciclistas)

Exercise Caution: Spandex Isn't Armor (Drivers)

La lyrca no es armadura. Tengacuidado   (Conductores)

Put the Phone Down (Drivers)

Guarde el Celular (Conductores)

Put the Phone Down. Look Before You Cross

Guarde el celular. Mire antes de cruzar.

If You See Kids, Slow Down (Youth)

Baje La Velocidad - Si Ve Niños

If You See Kids, Slow Down (Teens)

Baje La Velocidad - Si Ve Los Jóvenes

Request a Yard Sign / Solicite un Signo de Patio

Yard signs with traffic safety messages in English and Spanish are available free of charge to City of Santa Cruz residents. Follow the link above to see the various options which will be available as of Aug. 27th. To pick up a yard sign, visit the Public Works office (809 Center Street, Room 201), Monday through Friday from 7am-12pm and 1pm-3:30pm. 

Program Partners

We are tremendously grateful for the input and collaboration of numerous partner organizations and agencies who have assisted with development of the Street Smarts program. Follow the link above to learn more about our partner organizations. 

Traffic Safety Tips for Drivers, Cyclists and Pedestrians

A safer Santa Cruz starts with being smart on the road. Follow the link above for safety tips for everyone, whether you walk, bike or drive. 

Messages in Spanish / Mensajes en Español

Follow the link above to view Street Smarts traffic safety messages in Spanish. 


Street Smarts 2018-19 is made possible in part through generous contributions from the following sponsors and contributors: