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Santa Cruz and Water Conservation
Understanding Per Capita Water Use
Learn about how much water we use in Santa Cruz, what we use it for, and how our water use compares to other areas.

Water Use Baseline Survey

How many of our customers use water efficient fixtures? How thirsty are our landscapes in Santa Cruz? The Water Use Baseline Study answered these questions and more.

Surf City Saves
Learn more about our water conservation logo.

Residential Water Rates
Learn about our tiered residential water rate system, which drives customer demand toward water conservation. Rates effective July 2019.

Guiding Documents

Water Conservation Master Plan
Further strengthening water conservation efforts had been identified as top priority by the Santa Cruz City Council, the City’s Water Commission, and more recently by the City’s Water Supply Alternatives Committee (WSAC). The WSAC recommended that there be additional effort made in expanding conservation programs into the future, with an emphasis on peak season water savings. To this end, the Water Department has developed an updated Water Conservation Master Plan, with a planning horizon out to year 2035.

2015 Urban Water Management Plan
As a public water supplier, the City of Santa Cruz is required under state law to prepare and adopt an Urban Water Management Plan and to update it every five years. The 2015 plan was prepared by Water Department staff. A public hearing on the plan will be held August 9, 32016 by the Santa Cruz City Council.

Water Shortage Contingency Plan
This report constitutes the first comprehensive review and update of the City’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan since the early 1990’s. The project was an outgrowth of the City’s 2005 Urban Water Management Plan, which recognized the many changes in regional conditions and local water supply planning that had taken place over the previous decade, and identified the need to better prepare for the possibility of future water shortages in advance of the next major drought.

California Water Efficiency Partnership (CALWEP)

The City of Santa Cruz is a member of the California Water Efficiency Partnership. This is a new organization started in 2018 born out of the former CA Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC). CALWEP is an innovative leader, voice and expert on water efficiency in California that fosters collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders. The Partnership carries forward the leadership, expertise and collaboration that was a CUWCC hallmark but with a new name and new, more nimble framework. The former CUWCC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), of which the City was a signature, was a guiding document for many utilities in the state regarding conservation best management practices. Many of the concepts from the MOU have been carried forward into the work of CALWEP.