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Maple Alley/Parking Lot 12 Redevelopment ProjectMaple Alley/Parking Lot 12 Project - Updated 7/05 - Project Completed 2004

In the Agency's continuing efforts to make needed improvements to areas of the South end of Pacific Avenue, and pursuant to the Agency's Alley Walk Plan, the alley and parking lot between Tampico Restaurant and the Metro Center are currently being reconstructed in order to beautify the area and make the area safe for pedestrians and vehicles. Construction, currently underway, is expected to conclude in February 2004.


Maple Alley Today Seen From PacificThe public has for many years utilized the alleyway connecting Pacific Avenue and Front Street, across from the intersection of Maple Lane and Pacific Avenue, as a pedestrian and vehicular route. The alley is also used by several businesses, including Tampicos Kitchen, the Non-Profits' Insurance Alliance of California building, and Putney and Perry's. In 1999 the Agency identified this alley and the adjacent parking lot as an area in need of redesign and redevelopment in order to enhance vibrancy of the area, and more importantly to improve safety for pedestrians and to improve the flow of traffic into and out of the parking lot. Working with the property owner, the Agency has acquired a permanent easement over the alley to facilitate continued public use and to make the necessary construction.

Three community planning meetings have been conducted to galvanize a vision for the alleyway and parking lot amongst the members of the south Pacific Avenue community. Working with a landscape architect and other City departments, construction documents have been rendered for the new alley. The City Council recently approved the design concept.

The New Project

The newly designed alley and parking lot will lead to a pedestrian-oriented alley and a completely redesigned parking lot for vehicles and bike parking. The design will include the closing off of the alley to vehicular traffic just past the parking lot, and will create a single driveway for ingress and egress of vehicles. Also included in the plan is a community trash enclosure for use by Tampicos, the NIAC building, and other commercial tenants near the alley. Other features will include extensive landscaping, new bike parking facilities, new lighting, paving, bollards, and artistic elements throughout the design. Construction is set to begin in June and wrap up this September just in time for the busy holiday season and downtown shopping.

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