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Minimum Requirements For a Final Inspection of a Single Family Dwelling
1. The roof must be completed, outside walls weather tight and doors in and weather stripped.

2. All electrical wiring run, with outlets and switched installed, face plates on. Some fixtures on special order may not need to be installed, but boxes must be wire nutted and a blank face plate installed for safety.

3. Plumbing (waste, drain, vent and water supply) systems must be completed with uninstalled fixture connections capped off for sanitation protection.

4. Insulation and sheetrock shall be completed. Sheetrock must be taped and nails spotted, except in bathrooms and kitchen where walls, floors, ceilings, and counters (if installed) must have washable surfaces. Interior doors need not be installed. Interior of house does not have to be otherwise painted nor rugs installed.

5. The kitchen must have a sink and electrical outlets (with GFI's where req.) installed where counter topes are going to be installed. Provisions for stove must be present either as a capped off gas line or a 230v outlet installed in the wall. If stove is designed to be hardwired, it must be installed for inspection.

6. One bath must be complete with toilet, lavatory and tub or shower. All water saving devices required must be installed in completed bathrooms. Maximum flush capacity on toilets is 1.6 gallons.

7. Hot water heater must be CEC approved, installed and functional. An external insulating blanket rated at R-12 or better shall be installed unless it's CEC approval exempts external blanket. The first 5 feet of hot and cold supply lines must be wrapped with minimum R-3 insulation if the unit it in an unconditioned space.

8. Furnace must be installed and functional. If electric heat, units must be installed. Setback thermostat shall be installed for inspection. (Exempt on solar and hear pump installations).

9. If stove or fireplace is to be a part of the structure, or if a chimney thimble is installed in the roof, the unit must be in for inspection. All forms of fireplaces must have a closing glass or metal door and outside air intake unless on an interior wall or it if is an airtight stove. All forms of fireplaces must have closable dampers. Outside air intakes shall have a minimum of 6 sq. inches of net free area.

10. All staircases, handrails, and guardrails must be complete where applicable.

11. All second and third story decks must be completed if on plans with safety rails installed. First story decks may be completed at a later time provided openings to such decks are protected with an approved temporary staircase or safety rails installed across the opening to such decks which conforms to the code for guard rails. When first floor decks are completed later, they will require additional permits if over 30 inched off grade.

12. Gutters and downspouts must be installed as required and all erosion control measures in place.

13. Kitchen and bathroom general lighting required to be 25 lumens/ watt shall be installed. Task lighting may be installed later, but the junction boxes for electrical hook-ups must be properly wire nutted and plated.

14. All required smoke detectors shall be installed as specified on the plan and shall be ready to funtion. Only approved types which detect products of combustion other than heat will be allowed.

15. All Zoning, Public Works, Fire, and Water Department requirements shall be met.

If you have completed at least the above minimum code requirements, the Building Inspector will note on either the master sign off card or in the computer, "FINALED UNDER MINIMUM CODE STANDARDS."


Tech.Insp.Proc (III)
(Revised 11/93, Posted February 2003)

Last updated: 9/23/2009 8:26:28 PM