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When a permit is obtained authorizing the demolition of a structure, or when a condition of a buidling permit required that an existing structure be demolished, the following shall be verified by inspection:

1. All portions of the structure, including the foundation, shall be removed.

2. All debris shall be removed from the lot and no debris from the demolished structure shall be visible on nearby property.

3. The land shall be graded to a consistent grade which provides adequate drainage. Sufficient eorsion control measures must be installed between December 1 and March 1. Additional measures may be required on steep lots throughout the year.

4. No debris shall be buried.

5. No debris shall be burned.

6. The structure shall be certified clear of all hazardous materials such as asbestos and PCB's. Disposal of this material shall be by a certified disposal company. Underground storage tanks shall be properly removed, and any contamination shall be corrected under the direction of the County Environmental Health Department.

7. If connection to a public sewer exists, the building sewer shall be plugged or capped in a manner approved by the Public Works Department, within 5 feet of the property line.

8. Nails, glass and other debris shall be cleaned off nearby sidewalks and streets.


The following exceptions of the above are permitted.

1. Lumber or other materials to be reused may be neatly stacked on the site when approved by the Building Official.

2. The foundation may remain when approved in writing by the Building Official.

3. The Building Offical may grant other exceptions to the above in writing based upon practical difficulties.
Last updated: 9/22/2009 3:55:53 PM