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Evidence of a safe driving record is required for positions that have driving responsibilities and/or special driving certification such as a B license. Original paper printout (not a copy or a scan) may be required to be submitted prior to job interview.

California Driving Records

  • Driving record printouts must be obtained in person from California Department of Motor Vehicle offices at a cost of $5.00. The form is titled Driver License/Identification Card Information Request (Form 95A).
  • The printout must have been obtained within 30 days prior to the recruitment closing date. For continuous recruitments, the printout must have been obtained within 30 days prior to the application submission date.
    • Appointments with the DMV may take longer than the length of time a particular recruitment is open. In that case, one option is to go early and stand in line or find a less popular office. DMV offices may be closed on certain Fridays.
    • The same DMV record may be used for multiple job postings, but it must fulfill the within 30 days criteria for each job.
  • Three year and ten year printouts are available. Three year printouts are acceptable for most recruitment processes. Public safety positions may require the ten year printout. 
    • The printout will not be accepted if it ends with the message "Cannot print entire record". The most recent three years of your driving record must be included on the printout. Candidates with involved driving histories (e.g. with multiple convictions and/or multiple accidents) may need to pay attention to this issue.
  • California DMV printouts obtained online ($2.00) are not official documents and will not be accepted in lieu of official printouts.
  • Commercial Ops/Casual Request Form DL 414 (not obtained in person at a DMV office) will not be accepted in lieu of Form 95A as they do not contain the same range of information as Form 95A. 

Online Applications

  • Scan your printout to a pdf file. A scan to a Word file will not be accepted.
    • Scan every page of the record that you receive including half pages with very little information on them; scan the entire record all the way to the word "End" plus a string of numbers and payment information.
  • Attach the scanned file to your application before it is submitted. The system will not allow additions to the online application after submission.
  • If you  choose to upload an attachment to your personal profile, it will not automatically attach to any application for a particular agency; you must either manually attach it or check the box that gives the option to attach to all future applications.
  • If you are unable to scan your DMV printout, the original DMV printout must be sent or brought in to the HR Office before date and time that the recruitment closes.
  • Original paper printout may be requested by the HR Dept. prior to job interview.
  • For questions about whether the printout was received by HR staff, was successfully attached to the online application, etc., please call the Human Resources office at 831-420-5040.

Out of State Driving Records

  • For out of state candidates, submit your official/attested/certified driving record from your current state of residence. Online versions will only be accepted if that is the only version that your state offers. Unattested versions will not be accepted.
  • If you just moved to California and haven't yet obtained a license yet, we prefer a driving record printout from your most recent state of residence. Note:  California driving records may include prior violations from other states.
  • Out of state candidates who are hired for jobs that require a California Driver's license will be required to obtain one prior to start of hire.
  • If you are a California resident who is temporarily residing out of state, you may request your record by mail. Complete the INF 1125 form available on the DMV web site. May take up to 3 weeks for the driving record to arrive. 

For any other related questions, please call the Human Resources office at 831-420-5040 or

Last updated: 2/24/2014 2:18:36 PM