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FY 2015 City Manager's Budget Message & Budget in Brief

FY 2015 Proposed Budget Council Presentation - May 27, 2014

FY 2015 Proposed Budget in one large PDF file (includes all of the pages below) 

Budget Cover
Title Page, City Organizational Chart, Admin Staff & Committees
Table of Contents
Introduction and Guide to the Document
Budget Message from City Manager & Budget in Brief
Financial Summaries (includes the documents below) 
    Summary of Revenue by Fund Type 
    Expenditures by Fund Type 
    Summary of Transfers 
    Primary General Fund Revenue Summary 
    Primary General Fund Operating Expenditures by Department 
    Primary General Fund Budget Net of Program Revenues
    Primary General Fund Budget and General Revenues Charts
    Key Tax Revenues Trends 
    Debt Service Obligations
    Recap of Funds 
Personnel Profile
Department Summaries: 
    City Council 
    City Manager (May 28th Presentation)
    City Attorney 
    Human Resources (formerly Administrative Services) (May 28th Presentation) 
    Finance (May 28th Presentation)
    Information Technology (May 28th Presentation)
    Police (May 28th Presentation)
    Fire (May 28th Presentation)
    Parks and Recreation (May 28th Presentation)
    Library-(City) (May 28th Presentation)
    Public Works (May 28th Presentation)
    Planning and Community Development (May 28th Presentation)
    Economic Development and RDA Successor Agency (May 28th Presentation)
    Non-Departmental -- includes the following: 
        City Membership, Dues, and Fees 
        Animal Control 
        Community Programs & Services 
        Community Programs Listing 
    Water (May 28th Presentation)
Capital Outlay
Capital Improvement Program FY 2015 - 2017
    Cover Page 
    Guide to the Document
    Projects by Category
    Projects that Support the City's Climate Action Plan
    Completed Projects
    Capital Projects by Department:
        Parks and Recreation 
        Public Works 
        Economic Development & Redevelopment and Housing Successor Agencies 
        Citywide Projects 
    Projects by Funding Source
Estimated Available Fund Balance Projections  

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