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Accounting Assistant I
Accounting Assistant II
Accounting Services Supervisor
Accountant I/II
Administrative Assistant I/II 
Administrative Assistant III  
Administrative Services Manager
Arts Programs Manager
Assistant Director of Finance
Assistant Director of Libraries
Assistant Director of Planning and Community Development
Assistant Director of Public Works/City Engineer
Assistant Engineer I/II
Assistant Golf Course Superintendent 
Assistant to the City Manager
Associate Civil Engineer
Associate Planner I/II
Auditorium Assistant
Auditorium Supervisor

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Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator
Bookmobile Library Assistant
Box Office Representative
Building Inspector
Building Maintenance Worker I
Building Maintenance Worker II
Buyer I/II

Chemist I/II
Chief Building Official
Chief of Fire Department
Chief of Police
Chief Ranger 
City Clerk Administrator
City Payroll Clerk
Code Compliance Manager
Code Compliance Services Technician 
Code Compliance Specialist
Community Center Assistant
Community Center Coordinator 
Community Liaison & Resource Coordinator
Community Relations Manager
Community Relations Specialist
Community Program Specialist
Community Service Officer
Construction Specialist
Council Assistant
Customer Service Manager

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Deputy Building Official
Deputy City Clerk
Deputy Fire Marshal
Deputy Police Chief
Deputy Water Director/Engineering Manager
Deputy Water Director/Operations Manager
Desalination Program Coordinator
Director of Finance
Director of Libraries
Director of Parks and Recreation
Director of Planning and Community Development
Director of Public Works/City Engineer
Director of the Water Department

Economic Development Coordinator I/II
Economic Development Manager 
EMS Quality Assurance Program Manager
Engineering Associate
Engineering Technician
Environmental Compliance Inspector 
Environmental Projects Analyst
Equipment Mechanic I /II
Equipment Service Worker
Executive Assistant to the City Manager

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Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Facility Attendant
Facility Maintenance and Energy Projects Coordinator
Field Supervisor
Finance Manager
Fire Battalion Chief
Fire Captain
Fire Deputy Chief
Fire Division Chief
Fire Engineer
Fire Prevention Inspector I/II

Garage Service Supervisor
Golf Course Superintendent 
Green Building/Environmental Specialist

Housing Rehabilitation Program Specialist
Human Resources Analyst I/II
Human Resources Assistant I/II
Human Resources Technician

Information Technology Network Manager
Information Technology Operations/Customer Service Manager
Information Technology Project Manager/Training Coordinator
Information Technology Specialist I/II
Information Technology Specialist III
Information Technology Systems Manager/Data Base Administrator

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Laboratory Technician
Landfill Gate Attendant
Lead Equipment Mechanic
Librarian I/II
Library Assistant I
Library Assistant II
Library Assistant III
Library Assistant IV
Library Division Manager 
Library Information Specialist
Library Information Technology Manager
Library Specialist
Light Equipment Mechanic

Management Analyst
Manager System Services and Support
Museum Assistant
Museum Director
Museum Supervisor


Office Supervisor 

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Parking Attendant
Parking Controls Maintenance Worker
Parking Enforcement Officer
Parking Facility Maintenance Assistant
Parking Office Representative
Parking Office Supervisor
Parking Program Manager
Parking Services Supervisor
Parks Field Crew Leader
Parks Maintenance Worker
Plant Maintenance Mechanic I
Plant Maintenance Mechanic II 
Police Captain
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer Trainee
Police Officer
Police Payroll & Purchasing Clerk
Police Property Attendant
Police Records Supervisor
Police Records Technician
Police Sergeant
Principal Human Resources Analyst
Principal Management Analyst
Principal Planner
Professional Services Manager                                                                                                     
Programmer Analyst I/II
Property Manager
Public Works Operations Manager 
Purchasing Assistant
Purchasing Manager

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QA/QC Laboratory Chemist

Ranger Assistant
Records Coordinator
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Superintendent
Recreation Supervisor
Recycling Center Maintenance Mechanic
Redevelopment Manager 
Resource Ecologist
Resource Recovery Equipment Operator
Resource Recovery Supervisor
Resource Recovery Worker I/II 
Revenue Collection Specialist

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Sanitation/Recycling Aide
SCADA Systems & Network Administrator
Senior Accountant
Senior Building Inspector
Senior Electrician
Senior Environmental Compliance Inspector
Senior Environmental Projects Analyst
Senior Parking Attendant
Senior Parking Controls Maintenance Worker    
Senior Parks Maintenance Worker
Senior Planner
Senior Plans Examiner 
Senior Plant Maintenance Mechanic
Senior Resource Recovery Worker
Senior Service Maintenance Worker
Senior Wastewater Collection Maintenance Technologist 
Senior Wastewater Plant Operator 
Senior Water Distribution Operator
Seniors Program Coordinator
Service Field Crew Leader
Service Maintenance Trainee/Worker
Solid Waste Worker
Street Maintenance Supervisor
Street Signing Specialist
Superintendent of Parking Services
Superintendent of Parks
Superintendent of Resource Recovery-Collections and Sweeping 
Superintendent of Resource Recovery-Processing and Disposal 
Superintendent of Wastewater Collection & Treatment Facility
Superintendent of Water Distribution
Superintendent of Water Treatment and Production
Supervising Plans Examiner
Systems Administrator
Systems Coordinator 

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Telecommunications Manager
Traffic Engineer
Traffic Signal Technician
Traffic Signal Worker
Transportation Coordinator
Transportation Planner I/II

Urban Forester
Utility Account Specialist
Utility Maintenance Technician
Utility Service Field Technician I/II
Utility Service Representative
Utility Service Representative I/II
Utility Supervisor

Victim Advocate
Volunteer Coordinator Assistant

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Waste Reduction Assistant
Waste Reduction Coordinator
Wastewater Collection Field Crew Leader
Wastewater Collection Maintenance Trainee/ Technologist I/II 
Wastewater Collection Manager
Wastewater Facilities Electrical/Instrumentation Supervisor
Wastewater Facilities Electrical/Instrumentation Technician I/II
Wastewater Facilities Electrical Technician I/II
Wastewater Facilities Instrumentation Technician I/II
Wastewater Facilities Lead Mechanical Technician
Wastewater Facilities Mechanical Supervisor
Wastewater Facilities Mechanical Technician I/II
Wastewater Laboratory/Environmental Compliance Manager
Wastewater Mains Mechanical Technician II
Wastewater Plant Operator in Training
Wastewater Plant Operator I
Wastewater Plant Operator II
Wastewater Plant Operator III
Wastewater Treatment Facility Operations Manager
Water Conservation Representative
Water Conservation Manager
Water Distribution Crew Leader III/IV
Water Distribution OIT/II/III
Water Distribution Supervisor IV/V - Chief Distribution Operator
Water Facilities Electrical/Instrumentation Technician II/III
Water Facilities Field Supervisor
Water Facilities Mechanical Technician II/III
Water Meter Specialist
Water Meter Supervisor
Water Meter Technician
Water Quality Chemist I/II/III 
Water Quality Manager
Water Quality Microbiologist I/II/III
Water Resources Manager
Water Treatment OIT/II/III/IV
Water Treatment Supervisor IV/Water Treatment Supervisor V - Chief Plant Operator
Watershed Compliance Manager
Wharf Construction Crew Leader
Wharf Construction Worker
Wharf Supervisor

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