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Rule 4: Eligible Lists

4.1: Preparation
4.2: Effective Date
4.3: Types of Lists
4.4: Duration of Eligible Lists
4.5: Removal of Name from Eligible List
4.6: Alternate Eligible Lists

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4.1: Preparation
The Director of Personnel shall prepare and maintain eligible lists specified in Rule 4.3.

4.2: Effective Date
Eligible lists shall become effective on the date approved by the Director of Personnel.

4.3: Types of Lists
Persons may be appointed from the sources listed below:

  1. Reinstatement. These lists consist of persons returning from lay-offs.

  2. Transfer Lists. These lists consist of employees who are eligible to transfer to another City position.

  3. Promotional Lists. These lists consist of City employees who have successfully competed in a promotional examination.

  4. Open Lists. These lists consist of eligibles who have successfully competed in an examination open to any person.

4.4: Duration of Eligible Lists
The life of eligible lists shall be one (1) year from date established unless the list is extended or abolished by the Director of Personnel.

4.5: Removal of Name From Eligible List
Names of eligibles shall be removed from an eligible list by the Director of Personnel for any of the following reasons:

  1. Any cause set forth in Rule 3.4.

  2. Failure to accept appointment when certified.

  3. Certification for appointment three (3) times, in the same classification each of which has resulted in the appointment of another eligible.

  4. Waiver of certification three (3) times. (See rules 5.3)

  5. Failure to respond to the appointing authority to whom certification was made within five (5) working days from the date of written notice of interview.

  6. Inability of the postal authorities to deliver mail to the eligible within a reasonable length of time. Proof of mailing shall constitute a presumption of delivery and receipt of the certification notice.

  7. Failure of background investigations (which may include polygraph examinations), if applicable.

  8. In the case of promotional examinations, termination (by resignation or discharge) from City employment.

  9. Appointment from the eligible list to a regular full-time status position.

  10. Failure to pass the medical or psychological examination required prior to appointment.

  11. Written request by the applicant.

4.6: Alternate Eligible Lists
If a vacancy exists in a class for which there is no eligible list, or there are less than three applicants available from the eligible list, the Human Resources Director may prepare an appropriate eligible list for the class from one or more existing eligible lists. For this purpose, the Human Resources Director shall select eligible lists for classes for which the minimum qualifications and examinations are similar to or higher than those required for the class in which the vacancy exists.

June 2002

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