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Santa Cruz Changes Stormwater Best Management Practices to Reduce Waterway Pollutants
Posted Date: 7/1/2014




Agnes Topp, Environmental Projects Analyst, (831) 420-5423

Janice Bisgaard, Community Relations Specialist, (831) 420-5166



Santa Cruz Changes Stormwater Best Management Practices to Reduce Waterway Pollutants



SANTA CRUZ (July 1, 2014) In response to a recent state regulation requirement by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the City of Santa Cruz Public Works Department has revised its stormwater Best Management Practices. The major changes for municipal discharge impact all construction in the City of Santa Cruz. They relate to erosion control, dewatering operations and portable toilet facilities to improve the original March 2007 document authorized by Municipal Code Chapter 16.19.


In the City of Santa Cruz, water in the streets, gutters and storm drains flows to local creeks, the San Lorenzo River and Monterey Bay without any treatment. Construction sites have the potential to generate wastewater and runoff that carry sediment, debris, paint, concrete and other harmful pollutants. In order to reduce the amount of pollutants reaching the storm drain system and local waterways, the City developed Best Management Practices (BMPs) for construction work in 2007.


All types of construction projects, whether large or small, must abide by these BMPs, as applicable. Construction work includes, but is not limited to, clearing, grading, excavation, stockpiling, building, masonry and concrete work, and roadwork. These BMPs apply to commercial, retail, industrial and residential projects, and to both new construction sites and remodeling projects.


The BMPs have been changed, effective June 30, 2014, per the new state requirements as well as City of Santa Cruz Public Works environmental compliance staff recommendations. Changes include site planning measures to be incorporated in project grading and erosion control plans to reduce the potential for soil erosion and stormwater impact. Also, the revised BMPs clarify procedures to manage the discharge of groundwater or stormwater accumulated in construction site excavations or other non-stormwater discharge.


The updated document can be viewed at the Public Works Department’s website: Hard copies are available at the Public Works Department’s main Santa Cruz office, 809 Center Street, Room 201.


All questions regarding the new stormwater Best Management Practices for construction projects may be directed to Environmental Projects Analysts Suzanne Healy at (831) 420-5131 and Agnes Topp at (831) 420-5423.




About the City of Santa Cruz Public Works Department

The Public Works Department provides the City of Santa Cruz with a variety of services including engineering design, traffic engineering and maintenance, storm water management, street maintenance, resource recovery management, waste reduction programs, wastewater management, flood control and parking control. The Public Works Department is committed to bringing the Santa Cruz community the highest possible quality of life.