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Banner Locations: Location and number of banner brackets shall be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department. Download the Specifications Drawing here.


Banner Construction:

    1. Dimensions:

· Pacific Avenue Banners: 18" wide, 36" high

· Long Banners (per attached map): 30" wide, 84" high

· Medium Banners (per attached map): 30" wide, 60" high

    1. Openings: 4" pockets across the top and bottom with double stitched turn down; ½ grommet below the pocket seam on the outer edge.
    2. Approved Materials:

· Acrylic (10 oz. per square yard with reinforced webbing)

· Nylon (4 oz. per square yard with reinforced webbing)

· Cotton Canvas (10 oz. per square yard)

· Other fabrics with equivalent strength

    1. Existing banners which meet the width dimensions, but not other construction requirements, described above will be allowed through December 2007 upon staff approval.


  1. Banner Design:

a. Viewers must be able to read the banner within 2-3 seconds while driving by

b. Letter size on the General, Ocean Street, and Soquel Avenue Banners (where traffic is faster) should be no smaller than 3" in height.

c. The fewer words, the better. Let your graphics and a handful of words convey your message.

d. Existing banners which do not meet the design standards above will be allowed through December 2008 upon staff approval.


4. Time Limits: Banners may be installed for a minimum of two (2) weeks and a maximum of eight (8) weeks. Parks and Recreation Department may limit the maximum period for banners on Pacific Avenue to four (4) weeks, if multiple overlapping requests are received.

5. Fees: Fees for the placement of banners shall be set by the Parks and Recreation Director, and revised as needed to support costs. Fiscal year 2012 fees shall be:

    1. Up to 30 days:

· Non-profit organizations: $35 per banner

· For-profit organizations: $40 per banner

    1. 31-60 days:

· Additional $5 per week, per banner

Last updated: 1/29/2014 2:26:18 PM