Resoruces for Emergency Information

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Traditionally emergency information was distributed via formal media channels such as print, radio, and television.  In the last decade however there has been a signifigant increase in the usefulness of the internet and social media to obtain fast, reliable, emergency related information. 

There is no one channel that is best to receive emergency information through.  Ideally you will have access to multiple types of media (such as radio and television) however, depending on your power situation, your emergency information resources may be limited.

Below are some local resources that are known for providing breaking emergency news.

 Television Stations:

KSBW Television Station
KSBW Facebook
KSBW Twitter

KION Television Station
KION Facebook
KION Twitter

Written (Newspaper/Online):

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Radio Stations: 

KPIG - FM 107.5
KUSP - FM 88.9

KSCO - AM 1080 -- KSCO is the local Emergency Broadcast Station
KION - AM 1460
KGO - AM 810