Wharf Services

  • Wharf Headquarters is located at 21 Municipal Wharf. 831-420-5725.
  • Lifeguard Headquarters is located at 1 Municipal Wharf. 831-420-5715. 
  • Public restrooms are located adjacent to Wharf Headquarters and at the end of the Wharf.
  • A public boat landing is located on the Boardwalk side of the Wharf across from Santa Cruz Boat Rentals


Parking on the Santa Cruz Wharf 

You can walk, bike or drive your car onto the Santa Cruz Wharf. Pay for vehicle parking only at the Wharf gate when leaving. Be sure to view the latest Wharf Parking Rates and get details about the Wharf Locals' Parking Pass.


Wharf Events

Check out our list of UPCOMING EVENTS


Shopping, Dinning and Recreation

The Santa Cruz Wharf offers the best in seaside shopping, dining and recreation. You'll find everything from handmade arts & crafts to beach apparel, outdoor fresh fish markets to fine dining, whale watching, fishing trips and kayaking.


Underwater Treasures

Click the link to learn more about our underwater treasure that are featured on posters at the wharf. Underwater Treasures Posters


Layout of Santa Cruz Wharf


Santa Cruz Wharf History

Composed of over 2000 70 ft. Douglas fir pilings driven 21 feet into the ocean floor, the wharf was 2,745 feet long. The wharf was actually the sixth wharf -- preceding it were the Cowell Wharf, the Gharky (yes, this is the correct spelling!) Wharf, the Railroad Wharf, the Connecting Wharf, and the Pleasure Pier. None of the existing wharves could serve deep-water ships. So, the current Municipal Wharf was constructed in 1914, with its end bent to the west for a steamship dock and freight warehouse. The wharf rail line was shifted to the Municipal Wharf, and the old Railroad Wharf became part of a sardine cannery before being demolished in 1922. Here are more history notes by local historians on the six wharvesGraphic of wharves timeline.


Santa Cruz Wharf Videos

Check out the following videos for some unique looks at the Santa Cruz Wharf!

Santa Cruz Wharf video courtesy of MultiRotorCam (best viewed in full screen mode)

A fun-filled, fast-paced and informative look at the Santa Cruz Wharf - a landmark destination for locals and visitors alike!



Wharf Brochure


The two-page Santa Cruz Wharf Brochure features the locations of the Wharf's restaurants, shops and restrooms, and lists special events, telephone numbers and other information you need to make your visit to the Santa Cruz Wharf one you'll never forget!


More Critters &Creatures

Sea lionsThere's a wide variety of Critters and Creatures in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Check out the video links below and then visit the Santa Cruz Wharf to see these amazing marine mammals in person!

 Humpback Whale off of Santa Cruz by Michael Harris
 California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus).