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On August 14th, the City Council directed the following:

 “Motion carried to establish a Charter Amendment Committee to be comprised of thirteen community members, with seven selected directly by individual Councilmembers by September 7, 2018, and six at-large City Council-appointed members through an application/letter of interest process facilitated by the City Manager’s Office to be completed by the end of September 2018; and,

Direct staff to develop a work plan based on the following scope of work and meeting schedule so that the Charter Amendment Committee commences in October 2018 with a progress check in with Council on or before December 11, 2018.

Directly Elected Mayor:
Term lengths
Proceed or not to proceed

District Elections:
Proceed or not to proceed
Size of the Council
Full-time vs. part-time
Proceed or not to proceed

Ranked Choice Voting
7 direct and 6 at-large members
Encouraging participation as an Elected Official
Council support within the City Manager’s Office
Polling the community
Council/Mayor Term Limits”




David Green Baskin

Keshav Kumar

Patrice Boyle

Leslie Lopez

Cathy Calfo

William Ow

Gus Ceballos

Kris Reyes

Rachel Dann

Glen Schaller

Timerie Gordon

David Shuman

Denise Holbert