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Highway 9 / Highway 1 Intersection

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As part of its work on the Highway 1/9 Intersection improvements, the Agency also identified another project that needed to be considered for future improvements: the San Lorenzo River Highway 1 Bridge.

The four-lane Highway 1 Bridge over the San Lorenzo River is now a bottleneck for westbound traffic entering and eastbound traffic leaving the Highway 1/9 Intersection. To initiate the process of improving this intersection, Agency staff is now preparing a draft Preliminary Survey Report (PSR) for a seven lane replacement bridge.

The second draft PSR has been reviewed by Caltrans and is undergoing further revisions. When accepted by Caltrans, the PSR will allow for the project to be added to Caltrans’ list of projects, a necessary step in the process of improvements to State-controlled roadways. No timeframe now exists for construction of the replacement bridge; however, based on current traffic volumes, the bridge regularly backs up traffic into the Highway 1/17 intersection, which may help move the project forward on Caltrans’ project list.