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Sky Lanterns are made from combustible materials such as paper bags or light fabrics which then take flight by the heat from an open flame candle. These devices are a fire safety hazard and we prohibit their use. These lanterns can travel through the air and come down in areas that can catch fire. The use of Sky Lanterns is prohibited by several laws and codes including the Health and Safety Code, T-19 Public Safety Code, the Public Resources Code, and the International Fire Code.

California State Fire Marshal’s Information Bulletin about Sky Lanterns regarding the codes that allow Fire Agencies to prohibit their use. 

Santa Cruz Municipal Code 19.05.140 SECTION 308.1.6.3 IS ADDED – SKY LANTERNS.
Section 308.1.6.3 of Chapter 3 of the Fire Code of the city of Santa Cruz is amended to read as follows:  308.1.6.3 – Sky lanterns. A person shall not release or cause to be released a sky lantern.skylaterns