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Weed Abatement

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The Weed Abatement program is strictly for vacant lots and runs each Spring and Summer, to make sure that excess weeds and brush don't become a fire hazard to the properties around them. In early April, owners of all vacant lots in the city are contacted about the need to mow/abate the weeds and overgrowth on their lots before May 15th. Date subject to change, based on weather conditions as determined by the Fire Marshal.

Property owners are given the option of either cutting the weeds themselves.  If this is not done by May 15th, the city contractor will be assigned to abate the weeds for them (an administrative fee of $100 plus the contractors fees will be billed to the property taxes). Lot's not mowed by May 15th will be added to our list to be mowed by a city contractor.  It usually takes about 4-6 weeks to get all the lots mowed. Weeds and other vegetation are not considered a fire hazard until they are completely dry. Weed complaints can be reported to Fire Administration at 831-420-5280.  Names will be kept confidential at all times.

Properties with structures are not part of the weed abatement program, but if weeds are dry and deemed a fire hazard, we will ask the property owner to cut their weeds.

Due to laws prohibiting illegal searches, the Fire Prevention Bureau will not look over fences, climb fences, enter a back yard or enter a residence to confirm weed complaints. All weed violations must be visible from the street. If the site is determined to be a fire hazard, the owner/tenant is to abate the hazard by mowing, providing defensible space, or cleanup of brush or trimmings.