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Firefighter Entry Level

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Sample Recruitment Information

There is no recruitment at the present time. Do not submit an application until a recruitment is open. This recruitment information is provided to aid candidates in preparing themselves for a career as a Firefighter Paramedic.

• A completed City of Santa Cruz application (resumes optional).
• An Additional Firefighter Application Information form.
• An original (not copied) current (issued within 60 days of the final filling date) Department of Motor Vehicles
10-year driving record printout.
Attach copies of:
• Paramedic License
• C.P.R. card.
• A.C.L.S. card.
• BTLS or PHTLS or Equivalency.
• PALS or PEPP Provider certification/card.
• Copy of current (within one year) Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

• respond to fire, medical and other emergencies on selected fire apparatus.
• provide Advanced Life Support first responder emergency medical care and assistance to victims of accidents, injuries or illness.
• protect life and property from fire and other hazards by preventing, controlling and extinguishing fires.
• maintain fire department apparatus and equipment and perform maintenance tasks.
• prepare and file reports. 
• participate in all company activities, including fire prevention, pre-fire planning, public education, training, and perform related work as required.

Firefighter/Paramedics are typically assigned to a 24 or 48 (agency specific) hour rotating shift schedule averaging a total of 56 hours per week. 
• High School Diploma or G.E.D. and 18 years of age at time of hire.
• Possession and continued maintenance of a valid California Class C driver's license and a safe driving record, and the ability to obtain a Class B license as required by the hiring authority.
• Possession of a current license as a paramedic and six months of (full-time equivalent) experience as a paramedic at time of application.
• Possession of current C.P.R. and A.C.L.S., BTLS or PHTLS and PALS or PEPP provider certification.
• Possession of E.M.T.-Paramedic accreditation in Santa Cruz County by the end of the probationary period.
• Possession of proof of successful completion of the CPAT physical ability test within the last 12 months.
• Ability to meet and maintain standards of physical conditions as prescribed in National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.) 1582-1992 (National Fire Codes).

Knowledge of:
• Advanced Life Support pre-hospital emergency medical care techniques, principles, and practices.
• basic human anatomy and physiology.
• medical terminology.
• techniques and analytical processes used in the description and assessment of patient status.
• categories, indications and contraindications, and appropriate dosage levels of medications.
• procedures and equipment used in monitoring patient vital signs, symptoms of impaired cardiac and respiratory functioning,
altered states of consciousness, various types of toxicity and poisoning, shock, and common diseases.
• basic mathematics and mechanical principles that demonstrate the ability to learn technical concepts, procedures, and equipment operation.
Ability to:
• observe and evaluate patient status and conditions at scene.
• determine appropriate B.L.S. and A.L.S. procedures.
• make paramedical decisions rapidly, under stressful conditions.
• perform B.L.S. and A.L.S. life support, including C.P.R., cardiac monitoring (E.K.G. interpretation), and defibrillation.
• administer medications via appropriate route per protocol.
• monitor and maintain patient airway to include endotracheal intubation, and needle cricothyrotomy.
• communicate technical and medical information effectively.
• learn and apply Santa Cruz County radio format to transmit medical information to base hospitals.
• prepare accurate and complete reports.
• maintain physical health, strength, and agility to meet the physical demands of fire fighting.
• learn technical concepts, procedures and the operation of equipment utilized in fire fighting, prevention, and education.
• work effectively as a member of a team.
• follow both verbal and written instructions.
• read, comprehend, retain and apply a large number of technical procedures, policies, codes and orders.
• work under physically demanding conditions and in potentially hazardous or stressful situations.
• tactfully and effectively interact with all people.
• communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
• maintain a level of performance consistent with the standards of the department.
• work a 24 or 48 hour (agency specific) continuous shift, and be subject to recall during emergencies.
Skill to:
• use and manipulate medical instruments and apparatus.
• safely and efficiently use manual and/or power tools to perform essential duties.

Four Santa Cruz area fire agencies have formed the Santa Cruz Inter-Agency Firefighter/Paramedic Hiring Consortium (SCIFHC). The Firefighter/Paramedic eligible list established via this recruitment may be used to fill regular and temporary vacancies at any of the participating agencies. Member agencies which participated in the 2008-2009 recruitment were: Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District; City of Santa Cruz Fire Department; Scotts Valley Fire Protection District; and City of Watsonville Fire Department.

SAMPLE SELECTION PROCESS: (The following process and dates subject to change)
• 12/19 Deadline for application.
• 1/14-1/15 Written examination of candidates who meet minimum qualifications.
• 1/27-1/30 Oral examination of top candidates who passed the written exam.
Eligible list established in rank order; top candidates on list will be referred to
agencies as openings occur.
Conditional job offers may require background, psych and medical testing.

Candidates must attach to their application an original, recent (issued within 60 days prior to application date) 3-year driving record printout issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Driving record printouts issued by other agencies will not be accepted. The printout can be obtained at the Department of Motor Vehicles at a cost of $5.00. For more information call 800-777-0133. If you do not attach this to your application, it may be rejected. The names of applicants who do not meet a particular agency's safe driving standards will not be referred to that agency.