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Article III: Administration

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Article III: Administration

Section 11. Submission of Current Information by Recognized Employee Organizations.

All changes in City officer representatives by an Exclusively Recognized Employee Organization shall be submitted in writing to the Employee Relations Officer within fourteen (14) days of such change.

Section 12. Payroll Deductions on Behalf of Employee Organizations.

Upon formal acknowledgement by the City of an Exclusively Recognized Employee Organization under this Resolution, only that Recognized Employee Organization may be provided payroll deductions of dues upon the written authorization of employees in the unit represented by the Exclusively Recognized Employee Organization on forms provided therefore by the City. The provision of such service to the Exclusively Recognized Employee Organization by the City shall be contingent upon and in accordance with the provisions of Memoranda of Understanding and/or applicable administrative procedures.

Section 13. Employee Organization Activities -- Use of City Resources.

Access to City work locations and the use of City paid time, facilities, equipment and other resources by employee organizations and those representing them shall be authorized only to the extent provided for in Memoranda of Understanding and/or administrative procedures, shall be limited to lawful activities consistent with the provisions of this Resolution that pertain directly to the employer-employee relationship and not such internal employee organization business as soliciting membership, campaigning for office, and organization meetings and elections, and shall not interfere with the efficiency, safety and security of City operations.

Recognized employee organizations may hold meetings of their members or representatives on City property during non-working hours provided space is available.

Section 14. Administrative Rules and Procedures.

The Employee Relations Officer is hereby authorized to establish such rules and procedures as appropriate to implement and administer the provisions of this Resolution.