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While the CitySERVE Program has an excellent safety record for its volunteer programs, it is important for you to understand the types of volunteer insurance you are covered under as a CitySERVE volunteer.

Each volunteer is eligible for three kinds of insurance. These policies provide coverage for you while participating in volunteer activities as a CitySERVE volunteer.

The insurance policy certificates are held by the Volunteer Centers of Santa Cruz County. This is not a substitute for any insurance you may now carry, and only applies while you are performing your assignment as a volunteer in the program and while on your way to and from your volunteer site. Complete information regarding volunteer insurance is available from the CitySERVE office.

Accident Insurance
Our volunteer insurance provides excess medical coverage up to $25,000 per occurrence over and above any other existing insurance. This excess medical coverage is meant to insure that you, as a volunteer, do not have any out of pocket expense due to a volunteer related injury. Our insurance works with your insurance to cover any deductibles or co-pays so that you do not experience out of pocket expense. If you do not have any other insurance, our insurance becomes primary for volunteer related injuries.

Liability Insurance
All CitySERVE volunteers are provided with Personal Liability Insurance at a limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence. This policy provides protection for a personal injury or property damage liability claim arising out of the performance of your volunteer duties. This coverage is in excess and non-contributing with any other valid or collective insurance you may have. This policy excludes injury or damage arising out of the use of an automobile. It also excludes errors or omissions in connection with the registered volunteer's professional services.

Excess Automobile Liability Insurance
You are not automatically covered for auto insurance - to be covered you must fill out a separate auto insurance form

This coverage protects the registered volunteer driver, while driving their personal vehicle, for bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of their volunteer activities. This policy does not apply to volunteers who are driving City owned vehicles. The liability policy is written at a combined single limit as respects bodily injury and property damage of $500,000 each accident. This policy excludes property damage to property owned or transported by the registered volunteer driver, or in their care, custody or control.