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Street Banners for Community & Cultural Events

Policy Statement: To encourage and support cultural and community events, the City Parks and Recreation Department will maintain a program that coordinates the installation and removal of banners on selected City-owned utility poles. General program policies are:

Program Use: Use of this program will be limited to announcements of activities and events held within the City or County of Santa Cruz, with priority given to activities within the City when conflicts occur. Both nonprofit and commercial organizations may use this program, but for-profit use is limited to events or activities that are of a cultural, historical or community nature.

Banners may not be used for political or commercial purposes (i.e., to advertise products or services).

***Effective September 1, 2017, all new banner reservations will require an additional $50.00 deposit due at the time of the reservation. Banners will be required to be picked up from the Parks Shop no later than two (2) weeks after the pull down date or the deposit will be forfeited as a disposal fee.***


Banner applications are processed and considered on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and can be sent up to one (1) year in advance.

Parks and Recreation may withdraw approval of an application if, upon receipt of the banners, they are found not to comply with content, design and/or construction requirements as defined in this policy.

Waiver of Liability

All applicants must sign and submit a liability waiver form acknowledging that the City of Santa Cruz is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged banners after they are hung.

Placement and Removal

The Parks & Recreation Department shall determine the best method for the placement and removal of banners, either through City staff or outside vendors, and shall establish procedures and fees to support the related costs.



1. A request to install banners on City-owned utility poles must be made on “Banner Application” forms available at the Parks & Recreation Department, 323 Church Street, and must be submitted no less than four full weeks prior to the requested installation date. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible as availability may be limited.

2. The Banner Application must include a drawing, graphic, or photo of the proposed banner that includes all proposed wording and details the banner design and construction, as required by this policy.

3. Upon receipt of a Banner Application, Parks & Recreation Department staff shall verify that the proposed banner complies with all requirements of this policy.

4. If approved, Parks & Recreation Department staff shall sign the approval portion of the application and distribute copies accordingly.

5. If the Banner Application is not approved, Parks & Recreation Department staff shall phone or email the applicant to explain why.

6. Once approval has been given, Parks & Recreation Department staff will email or fax an invoice to the Applicant for the required fees. The reservation of the approved banner spaces shall not be considered confirmed until full payment is received.

7. Completed banners must be delivered to the Park Shop in Harvey West Park, 300 Evergreen Street, no less than one (1) week prior to the approved installation date.

8. Deviation from the approved banner design and specification is cause for the City to either refuse to install or to remove any banner.

9. Banners shall be removed on the approved removal date or as soon as possible thereafter. If banners remain up longer due to City staff or vendor scheduling, the Applicant will owe no additional fees. Removed banners will either be held in the Park Shop in Harvey West Park for pick-up by the Applicant or stored by the banner vendor, as pre-arranged by the Applicant. If removed to the Park Shop, banners must be picked up by the Applicant within one week of telephone notification of their removal date.

Banner Locations: Final determination of location and number of banner postings shall be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Click on the icon left of "Banner Locations" on the map below to hide/reveal specific banner types.



Banner Construction

Download the Specifications Drawing. 

1. Dimensions:

  • Small (Pacific Avenue) Banners: 18" wide, 36" high
  • Medium Banners: 30" wide, 60" high
  • Large Banners30" wide, 84" high

Openings: 4" pockets across the top and bottom with double stitched turn down; ½ grommet below the pocket seam on the outer edge.

2. Approved Materials:

  • Acrylic (10 oz. per square yard with reinforced webbing)
  • Nylon (4 oz. per square yard with reinforced webbing)
  • Cotton Canvas (10 oz. per square yard)
  • Other fabrics with equivalent strength
  • Existing banners which meet the width dimensions, but not other construction requirements, described above will be allowed through December 2007 upon staff approval.

3. Banner Design:

a. Viewers must be able to read the banner within 2-3 seconds while driving by.

b. Font size on the General, Ocean Street, and Soquel Avenue Banners (where traffic is faster) should be no smaller than 3" in height.

c. The fewer words, the better. Let your graphics and a handful of words convey your message.

4. Time Limits:

Banners may be installed for a minimum of four (4) weeks and a maximum of eight (8) weeks. Parks and Recreation Department may limit the maximum period for banners on Pacific Avenue to four (4) weeks, if multiple overlapping requests are received.

NOTE: Banners are not hung from December 15th - February 15th due to seasonal weather conditions. Certain exemptions may apply.

5. Deposit: Banner reservations require a $50.00 deposit due at the time of the reservation. Banners must be picked up from the Parks Shop no later than two (2) weeks after the pull down date or the deposit will be forfeited as a disposal fee.

6. Fees: Fees for the placement of banners shall be set by the Parks and Recreation Director, and revised as needed to support costs. Current fees are:

Organization Type

Additional Weeks

Deposit per Reservation