COVID-19 UPDATE | The City is coordinating closely with our public health officials at the Santa Cruz County Health Department to prevent the further spread COVID-19. In an effort to protect you and our community, changes and measures have been adopted in daily operations and activities. For further details please click here for the City’s Response to COVID-19

Mission, Values, & Priorities

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The Santa Cruz Police Department is committed to serving selflessly and compassionately, through collaboration and innovation. We will relentlessly pursue criminals to protect all lives and the property of all within our community. We chose to be transparent and responsive, while striving for excellence.


Lead through competent, engaged and trustworthy behavior that is diverse like Santa Cruz.
openly, transparently, and frequently.
Serve our community
with compassion, innovation, and responsiveness.
Provide safety that improves the quality of life and wellness for all.
Exude professionalism through knowledge, respect, and loyalty.
through partnerships, empowerment, and teamwork with focused direction intent on the maintenance of order.


Crime Control
Foster a Problem Oriented Focus
Increase Proactivity
Employ Justice programs and partnerships
Leverage Data and Technology
Ensure community education and engagement

Community Policing
Implement Evolving Community Policing
Greater Community Engagement
Neighborhood Policing Initiatives
Empowerment and Ownership
Intervention and Prevention Programs
Increase Volunteerism

Employee Development and Wellness
Improve Staffing
Resource Allocation
Wellness Programming
Employee Engagement
Development and Mentoring

Organizational Effectiveness
Improve consistency of communication
Standardize and update SOP and Policies
Improve Deployment Management and Strategies
Include Leadership Development and Engagement
Design Session Strategies
Ensure Comprehensive Accountability

Technology and Infrastructure
Acquire a new RMS/CAD
Improve Property Management and Tracking
Improve the Access to Information via Modernization
Standardized use of current and future technology
Research and development of innovative technology
Safeguard against constitutional infringements


Safety Through Vigilance