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Citizen Comment Process

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Citizen Comment Process
The Police Department is very concerned about proper service delivery to the public and the behavior of its employees.  All comments about police department employees are reviewed by the Police Department's administration.   Concerns, compliments or comments about a police employee may be made by phone, or in person at the Police Department or by mailing in this form (For Spanish version, click here).  

Any concerns about a Police Department employee's conduct, action, or service are investigated.  Completed investigations are reviewed by the Independent Police Auditor to provide an independent review of the citizen complaint process.

Persons involved in the complaint will be contacted and statements taken. Other information or evidence will be gathered and documented. The completed investigation is forwarded to the Chief of Police and the Independent Police Auditor.

The Chief of Police makes a final decision as to the disposition of the complaint. A letter from the Chief of Police is sent to the party(s) outlining the investigation, the disposition of the complaint, and/or the actions taken to correct this problem. If the complaint involves discipline of the employee, the exact nature of that disciplinary action, by law, is confidential.

 The following are some answers to questions most often asked:

  • Does the Police Department want to hear from the public?
    Yes, a Police Department cannot function effectively without the support of the community. That support is based on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. Without your input into the kind of police service we provide, we cannot function effectively or maintain the high standard you expect from your Police Department.
  • Will you listen and respond to my concern?
    Yes. We will want to talk with you so we can fully understand the nature of your concern. Anyone at any time has the right to submit a comment form about police conduct or actions.
  • How closely will you really investigate?
    We do a complete and thorough investigation. We want to know what we did right or wrong. By the same token, we want to know if the person making the complaint understands what occurred or if the employee is being falsely accused of wrongdoing.
  • What will happen to the officer or employee?
    That depends on what he/she did. If it was a training issue, they will receive proper training. If their actions were improper, he/she will be disciplined accordingly by the Chief of Police. If their actions are criminal in nature, the information will be forwarded to the District Attorney for his review.
  • Will I be told how the complaint was concluded?
    Yes. You will receive a letter from the Chief of Police outlining the investigation and the disposition of your complaint.

Additional Contacts:

Independent Police Auditor - Robert H. Aaronson  - 650-565-8800

City Council - 831-420-5020

City Manager - 831-420-5010

In summary, we want to hear from you if you have a comment, compliment or concern about police service in this community.   To obtain a Citizen Comment form, click here (For Spanish version, click here). 

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