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Are you going away on vacation? 

As a City of Santa Cruz resident, you have the advantage of the SCPD Volunteers In Police Services (VIPS) program. The Santa Cruz Police Department’s Volunteer Program is pleased to offer a free “Vacation Home Check Program” to our residents.  Volunteers provide "extra eyes and ears" on patrol and help with educating the community members on ways to improve their safety. One of the duties the volunteers assist with is vacation home checks.  

Trained SCPD Volunteers will perform an inspection of your property (M-F) while you are away. This inspection includes a perimeter check, physical and/or visual check of all the doors and windows, verification of vehicles left on the property, and verification of any person(s) found on the property. Anything suspicious in nature will be reported and you or your emergency contact will be notified.

Exterior areas of your home that are not accessible will not be checked. SCPD Volunteer Team members will not feed pets, water lawns/gardens, or collect mail and/or newspapers. It is important to note that a Vacation Home Check pursuant to this program does not guarantee the safety or security of your property, nor does it mean the Santa Cruz Police Department is in any way responsible for the property in your absence.

Application/Authorization Forms are available online or at the Santa Cruz Police Department, 155 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Signed Application/Authorization Forms can be returned to the Santa Cruz Police Department via mail, or e-mail. Please refer to the Application/Authorization Form for detailed instructions. 

For City of Santa Cruz residents only.

• A minimum of 1 week notice of your departure is required.
• For vacations of a minimum 5 days and a maximum of 90 days (or 3 months).
• For residential properties only. Business locations, vacant properties, homes for sale and homes with a house sitter or other guest(s) staying in the home are not eligible for vacation checks.

Downloadable Form - 2 Page Vacation Home Check Form

You can submit your form in the following ways:

  1. Email:
  2. Mail:   Attn: Vacation Home Checks/VIPS 155 Center Street , Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Before you leave home, please keep in mind the following crime prevention suggestions:

  • Keep shades and blinds in their normal positions.
  • Stop mail and newspapers or ask a trusted neighbor to retrieve them daily.
  • Put timers on several household lights so they turn on and off at appropriate times of the day/night.
  • Arrange to have yard work done while you are away.
  • Make sure all your door and window locks are functioning and locked before you leave.
  • Activate your home alarm if you have one.
  • Leave a radio on with low volume or put it on a timer.