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 Exhibit A – Digital Case File  
                        Animated Video - Allow extended time for download to complete
                        Officer Bailey Interview
                        Officer Baker Interview
                        Officer Cockrum Interview
                        Sergeant Clayton Interview

Exhibit B – CAD Report for Entire Incident
                        OIS-CAD Report
 Exhibit C – SCPD Police Reports for OIS
                        16S-08694 All SCPD Reports
 Exhibit D – Policy 300 – Use of Force
                        Use of Force – Policy 300
 Exhibit E – Subject Officer Training Activity
                        Officer Bailey Training Activity
                        Officer Baker Training Activity
                        Officer Cockrum Training Activity
                        Sergeant Clayton Training Activity
 Exhibit F – Officer Safety BOL & Reports for 16S-08563
                        16S-08563 All SCPD Reports
                        Officer Safety Flyer
 Exhibit G – Coroner Autopsy Report
                        Autopsy Report – Sean Arlt
                        Toxicology Report
 Exhibit H – News & Media Reports
                        Rake-Wielding Man Shot and Killed by SCPD in Westside Santa Cruz
 Exhibit I – AMR / Fire Department
                        AMR CAD Log
                        Fire CAD Log
                        Fire Captain B. Miles Report
                        Fire Prehospital Care Report B. Thomas
 Exhibit J – District Attorney's Office Investigation
                        A. Trip
                                   APT-55 Taser Device History – SCPD O.I.S. Tasers
                                             31XH – Clayton
                                             31YY – Cockrum
                                             45F5 – Baker
                                             45H9 – Bailey
                                   A. Tripp Supp 1
                                   SCPD Property Return – Firearms 10-25-16
                                   Tripp Report 2
                        E. Delfin
                                   E. Delfin Supp 1
                        K. Freitas
                                   K. Freitas Supp 1
                        K. Rogers
                                   Arlt Neighborhood Canvass
                                   Father Arlt Consent to Search
                                   Father Arlt Interview
                                   Mother Arlt Interview
                                   Witness Interviews – 1
                                   Witness Interviews – 2
                        P. Murray
                                   P. Murray Supp 1
                                   P. Murray Supp 2
 Exhibit K – Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Office Investigation 
                        A. Skalland Supp1, 16-08272
                        Autopsy Evidence Report
                        Crime Scene Processing Report
                        J. Brownlee Incident Report 16-08272
 Exhibit L – Search Warrants
                        16S-08694 SW Unsigned
 Section 1 – Administrative Finding
                         IA Investigation Disposition
                         Review Findings Memo
 Section 2 – Investigative Summary
                         Case Summary 2016-010
 Section 3 – DA Correspondence
                         DA Correspondence
 Section 4 – DA Press Releases
                         DA Press Releases
 Section 5 – SCPD Press Releases
                         SCPD Press Releases
 Section 6 – Coroner Press Release
                         Coroner Press Release
 Section 7 – Admin Leave Memos
                         Admin Leave Memos
 Section 8 – Lt. Garcia File Memos
                         Lt. Garcia File Memos
 Section 9 – Officer Erik Bailey Statement
                         Officer Bailey Interview
 Section 10 – Officer Adam Baker Statement
                         Officer Baker Interview
 Section 11 – Sergeant William Clayton Statement
                         Sergeant Clayton Interview
 Section 12 – Officer Denise Cockrum Statement
                         Officer Cockrum Interview
 Section 13 – Subject Officer Sketches
                         Subject Officer Sketches
 Section 14 – Witness #1 Statement
                         Witness #1 Interview
 Section 15 – Witness #2 Statement
                         Witness #2 Interview
 Section 16 – Witness #3 Statement
                         Witness #3 Interview
 Section 17 – Witness #4 Statement
                         Witness #4 Interview

 Administrative Index
 Cover Page