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Reporting Spills, Dumping Incidents and Back-ups

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Please report any spills or dumping incidents, whether accidental or intentional, to the Environmental Compliance Department at 831-420-6050. During non-business hours, please call 911 to report spills or illegal dumping.

Emergencies should be immediately reported by calling 911.

A "spill" or "'dumping incident" is any pollutant discharge to the environment or storm drain system, which includes the street, gutter, and waterways (such as creeks and the San Lorenzo River). Spills and dumping incidents are also defined as any discharge to the sanitary sewer that exceeds pollutant limits or causes hazardous conditions to City workers, the sewer collection system, or the wastewater treatment facility.

Examples of spills or dumping incidents that occur in residential neighborhoods include the following:

  • used motor oil
  • swimming pool, fountain, and spa water
  • paint or paint thinners
  • leftover concrete or construction debris
  • fertilizers and pesticides
  • grease and solvents
  • sediment or saw cut slurry
  • litter, refuse, and debris

Examples of spills or dumping incidents that occur at commercial businesses or industrial facilities include discharge of the following:

  • restaurant mat wash water or greasy wastes
  • mop water or carpet cleaning water
  • automotive fluids
  • soapy car wash water to the storm drain from a vehicle service facility
  • wastewater to the sanitary sewer that is too acidic or corrosive
  • wastewater to the sanitary sewer that exceeds pollutant limits
  • litter, refuse, and debris

Telephone Numbers for Reporting Spills and Dumping Incidents

City of Santa Cruz: 
    • Fire Department Emergency and during non-business hours: 911 
    • Wastewater Treatment Facility: 831-420-6050 
    • Environmental Compliance Inspectors: 831-420-6050

County of Santa Cruz: 
    • Department of Environmental Health: 831-454-2022

California Department of Fish and Game: 
    • CalTIP to report violations only, toll free: 888-334-2258