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Bike Share Santa Cruz

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The City of Santa Cruz has partnered with Jump Bikes to bring bike share to Santa Cruz. Bike share provides affordable short-term bike rentals for quick trips within City limits and brings a new transportation option to the community. The system is designed with both visitors and residents in mind - try a Jump bike for your commute to work, a trip downtown or to the beach, or as an extra bike for out-of-town guests.

Why use a Jump bike rather than ride your own? Bike share is a great option if you don’t own your own bike, don’t want to maintain a bike, are worried about theft, or if you simply want the convenience of having a bike whenever you need one. Better yet, each of the more than 350 JUMP bikes features electric assist, which provides a boost when you pedal and makes bike share a great option for getting up the hills of Santa Cruz.

To report an issue with JUMP, please call (833) 300-6106 or visit

Station Map

Pick up a bike at one of the bike share stations shown below*. Jump bikes can also be locked up outside a station, as long as they’re locked to a bike rack or other appropriate location. Riding a bike outside Santa Cruz city limits (the dashed line shown below) will result in an out of station fee.

JUMP_SC_Final System Map_18-0330    * The station at Woodrow & West Cliff has not been approved and will be removed from future maps. 

JUMP Usage Statistics

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How to Sign Up

Download the JUMP Bikes app or the Uber app. Create an account to start riding bike share. You need to be over 18 years of age and have a credit card to sign up. Next, check the Jump app to see where bikes are located. Find a bike and use your phone to scan the QR code to unlock. Once your information is accepted, the lock will unlock and you’re ready to ride.


There are two pricing options for bike share:

Monthly Pass

Best for regular bike share users, a monthly pass costs $30 and includes 60 minutes of ride time per day. If you exceed 60 minutes per day, the rate for additional ride time is $.10 per minute. To sign up for the monthly pass, call +1 (833) 300 6106 and request to be signed up for the monthly plan. 

Pay as you go

Best for occasional users or visitors, bikes can be rented for $1 to unlock plus $.15 per minute.



If you currently use either CalFresh or the PG&E Care programs, you are eligible for the Boost plan. The Boost plan costs $5 per month and includes 60 minutes of ride time per day. If you exceed 60 minutes per day, the rate for additional ride time is $.07 per minute. Cash payments are available on this plan via PayNearMe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if..?

  • Can I lock bikes up someplace other than the bike share stations?
    • Santa Cruz Municipal Code section 10.68.050 outlines where you are allowed to park bicycles and other personal transportation device (PTD). If no bicycles racks are available within 50 feet, bicycles and PTDs may be locked on the sidewalk within 24 inches of the curb. This includes being able to lock to street signs and other similar assets. Bikes and PTDs may not be locked to street trees or others planted areas, and may not block the main traveled portion of the sidewalk. Please be considerate of others when locking bicycles and lock towards the outside edge of a sidewalk if possible. Relevant code sections are included below:
  • 10.68.050 PARKING. No person shall park, stand, or chain any bicycle or PTD against windows, street trees, planter boxes, shrubs or planted areas, or on the main traveled portion of any sidewalk or public way, nor in such manner as to constitute a hazard to pedestrians, vehicular traffic, or property. If no bicycle racks or other facilities intended to be used for bicycle or PTD parking are available within 50 feet, bicycles or PTD’s may be parked on the sidewalk or locked to a parking meter pole, in an upright position parallel to and within twenty-four inches of the street curb. (Ord. 2001-05 § 6, 2001: Ord. 76-15 § 1 (part), 1976).
  • 10.68.060 BICYCLE PARKING PROHIBITED. No person shall park a bicycle or PTD at any location which has been posted with signs prohibiting such parking.
  • I see a bike parked in a location that blocks access, or another bike share concern. How can I report this issue?
    • Please call 1 (833) 300-6106 or visit and report the bike number (located on the back fender of the bike) and the time of the incident. JUMP staff will resolve the issue and the last user will be contacted to discuss how to properly park bikes in the future. 
  • Bike is lost or stolen

    • Please immediately call or email the Jump team to alert them of a lost or stolen bike. You can find contact info on the inside of the bikes’ baskets or on station signage.

  • I crashed on a bike share bike and need medical attention

    • Call 911 immediately if anyone involved in the crash needs medical attention. Then, report the collision to Jump customer service. The customer service phone number is located on the inside of the bikes’ baskets or on station signage. Record as much of the incident as possible with photography and video. Exchange insurance information and driver’s license info with other parties when appropriate.

  • I need a bike to be there when I’m done with my errand/lunch/appointment

    • You can extend your rental by putting a bike on hold. To put the bike on hold, lock the bike and press the ‘hold’ button in the mobile app. Your ‘hold’ time does count towards your daily time, and rental fees will continue to accrue.

  • I want to ride outside Santa Cruz city limits

    • There is a out-of-system fee for ending a trip outside the system area (Santa Cruz city limits, see map above). To avoid this fee, put your bike on ‘hold’ rather than ending your trip outside the station area. As long as you return the bike within the system boundary, no fee will be applied.

  • Can my child ride a Jump bike?

    • No, bike share membership is limited to ages 18 and over.

Bike Safety

Please be a good bike share ambassador by following all rules of the road when riding bike share.

  • Obey stop signs and traffic lights

  • Use hand signals to communicate with drivers

  • Ride on the right side of the road or path, and in the bike lane where possible

  • Cross all train tracks at a 90 degree angle

  • Be respectful of pedestrians and use your bell or voice when passing

  • Ride at moderate speeds when sharing a path with pedestrians

  • Don’t ride on sidewalks

  • Don’t ride on Mission Street (Highway 1), and try to stay on streets with bike lanes or multi-use paths. Visit to download a Santa Cruz County bike map, or pick up a printed version at a local bike shop or the Regional Transportation Commission offices at 1523 Pacific Avenue.

  • Wear a helmet (see below for info on helmet rentals)

  • Ride predictably

  • Brake early


Per state law, bicycle helmets are not required for adults in California. However, helmets are strongly recommended when riding bike share. Bring your own or visit one of our local bike shops (see list below) to rent a helmet.

Additionally, JUMP offers discounts on helmets. Visit for more information.

Visit a Local Bike Shop

For personalized service, all-day or multi-day bike rentals, mountain or road bike rentals, helmet rentals, and youth bike rentals, visit one of our local bike shops.


2361 Mission Street

(831) 427-2232

Bicycle Trip

1001 Soquel Avenue

(831) 427-2580

Current Ebikes

131 Front Street

(831) 621-2309

Cycle Works

1420 Mission Street

(831) 316-7671

Dave’s Custom Bikes

910 Soquel Ave # A

(831) 423-8923

Epicenter Cycling

1730 Mission Street

(831) 423-9000

Pacific Avenue Cycles

320 Pacific Avenue

(831) 471-2453


231 Cathcart Street

(831) 429-6062